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mashabiki wanachagua: yes
mashabiki wanachagua: yes
mashabiki wanachagua: yes
mashabiki wanachagua: OF COURSE WE WANT THESE 2 upendo BIRDS TEGETHER!
mashabiki wanachagua: They have no Taste!
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hanhclubbl02 alisema …
Hi all, i'm new member. Add shabiki me ^^ ilitumwa zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
CaskettForever1 alisema …
I hate Lana she is annoying and a cry baby! She goes I cant believe wewe would say this Clark! Then he ends up being right and she always appoligizes! CLOIS FOREVER! ilitumwa zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
poohbear5471 ametoa maoni…
Amen sister i wish he would have stayed with Lois zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
19leeann ametoa maoni…
Why are wewe saying this in the clana spot say it in the Smallville spot au the clois spot not in this spot that this zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
Nevermind5555 ametoa maoni…
and I hate people who come to the place of the characters they dont like and insult them, its stupid and childish. no one gives a fuck here if u like Lana au not, here's place for Clana and their fans, so go to the spot u are a shabiki of instead of wasting our time for responses on ur stupid comments. zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
DamonsLilBird alisema …
Wow were blooming over here mates and here I thought we were gonna stay bloody small lol. ilitumwa zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita