10 hades 2 words james WoOdS
9 cruela de vil Well her song was good
8 Pete ya know kingdom hearts 2 he threw explosives
7 gaston he was a real jerk throwing belle in a house trying to kill her friend then thinks he has a chance with her lol
6 captin hook "A Croc took mah hand D:"
5 urasla alright i had to put her some where here so here she is with her EeLs
4 barbosa he was imortal then at the end "I fEeL........ cOlD" XD
3 lord birkins those of wewe who dont know who he is watch Corpse Bride
2 scar just like his name this n@^! lion has a scar
1 judge claude frollo this dude freaked me the heck out of me now that i know what he was talking about while imba hellfire I actually freaked out and showered for a week