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knowledge I have of the tale and if something is incorrect...or if there was a character death I'm not aware of...then they
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story our inayopendelewa "Pocahontas" couple will be together. Okay! Enjoy!

Chapter 1:

My raven black hair whipped in the salty sea air as I stood upon one of the crates about to be loaded. The sun was high
over head, bearing down on my pale skin. I couldnt help but smile, I was going to enjoy this adventure.
The names Elizabeth Smith, daughter of the highly acclaimed Captain John Smith and Pocahontas Smith, sixteen years of age.
True my motherwas close to marrying that creep John Rolfe, but dont worry all wewe lovely people, true upendo always comes out on top.
We live in London, my father's hometown. I don't know where my mother is from all I know is that she is an Indian, which
tribe is a complete mystery to me, along with how my parents met.
"Your gonna be as tan as me standing there" Cecily grinned up at me, her shiny white teeth looked strange on her reddish skin. My
little sister, Cecily and I are complete opposites. I'm adventerous and courageous and loud and stubborn while shes much more
reserved and shy.
Our looks are also complete opposites. For me, wewe would never guess I was half Native since I had pale skin and blue eyes the only
thing I basically had from my mother is my raven black hair and facial structure. Cecily is almost an exact replica of our mother right dow
to the mlozi shaped eyes and tanned skin all except for her blonde wavy hair.
"Chill Cecily, I'm getting down" I told her teasingly as I jumped off the box and landed firmly on my feet. Ruffling her hair I giggled at the
face she made, sometimes wewe would think she was four not fourteen.
The harbor was bustling as men loaded crates onto the huge mashua that was going to take us over to Jamestown. Families were hugging
and saying farewells as the seagulls up above hovered silently for once in all the commotion.
"Come on Beth, Mother and Father want to tell us proper goodbyes" Cecily stated in a fake overly british accent that made me laugh
masking the inner nerves I had.
This was our first voyage without our parents kwa our sides, and we had never even been to the new world. My father had actually
been one of the original explorers who established Jamestown and we were going to be staying with one of his old Marafiki while
him and my mother finished up all the buisness over here, they would jiunge us a mwezi after our arrival.
Even though I was nervous I couldnt help be excited, the prospect of a new land excited me and made me want to jump with
joy. I always had been one to get overly excited over things like this and be dissapointed so I have been trying to keep my
excitement to a minimum.
Cecily and I approached our parents who were off to one side of the harbor a little further away from the crowd. My mother stood tall
with tan skin shining in the sun and her brown eyes excited yet sad and gloomy, her white dress clunged to her as the wind whipped her
hair, so much like mine in the wind. Father stood tall with his arm wrapped around her waist clad in a blue shirt, black pants, and black boots.
His blonde hair was waving in the wind like a field of wheat. I am very proud of my parents.
"Ok now wewe know that wewe are staying with Thomas correct? And that wewe are not to wander far from the town? And that wewe can't..." My
mother went over and over rules that Cecily and I had been hearing since the siku we had learned of this trip, until my father palced
a firm hand on her shoulder and gave her a loving smile.
"Pocahontas relax, their going to be fine! I thought I would be the one freaking out!" Father told her with a playful gleam in his beautiful
blue eyes just like mine. She playfully shoved him and they laughed at how overprotective they were being.
My parents had never just been breathing down my sister and mine's neck, thats why we were all so close. They understood the need
for adventure in life. I guess the reason they were taking this so hard was because they wouldnt be there with us.
"Dad" I walked up to him and place my hand on his shoulder bringing him down to my eye level. He was 6'1" practically towering over
my 5'3" frame so this is what I always did when I wanted to know if he was telling the truth. He smiled brightly in return.
"Yes?" He asked innocently the playful smile still on his face, but I knew better. This was all killing him on the inside.
"I know how much wewe want to be an overprotective dad right now, and wewe have my permission" I told him throwing one of my
crooked smiles at him, then finally he broke. Grabbing me in his strong arms, I was suddenly in a strong embrace.
"I can't believe my little girls are going to be leaving me, going to the new world where I went so many years ago" He whispered in
my ear as he held me to him. I knew he and my mother missed Jamestown and it's people, I could tell whenever they talked about it.
"You will be with us soon" I told him as we realeased from the hug, and I turned to where my mother and Cecily were talking and hugging.
I was closer to my dad and Cecily was closer to our mom, classic sisters.
"Just remember..." Dad began to say but I cut him off.
"...Don't let Thomas hold a gun" Dad laughed heartily at my answer over the noise on the harbor then turned serious again.
"Sure, thats exactly what yuo have to avoid" He whispered to me and ruffled my black hair playfully hugging me once again, "Just be
careful Beth, watch out for your sister too...I know wewe can do this."
"I know Dad, I will" The captain of the ship started calling out for passengers to board, signalling our final farewell.
"It wont be long my dears we will be with you" Mother whispered in our ears as we had one last hug together as a family in the middle
of the dock with dozens of people doing the same.
"Love You!" Cecily and I shouted over all the commotion as we walked away to check in, they both alisema it back then my mother turned
to my father who hugged her tightly to him. Dad tipped his head in my direction with a proud smile on his face, I then Lost sight of him and
was pulled along kwa Cecily as she walked us to the place that we were suppose to check in.
"Names" A plump man asked us as we reached the meza, jedwali where other families and men were gathered.
"Elizabeth and Cecily Smith" Suddenly all the men behind us who had been talking stopped and stared at us with mouths agape, even the plump
man in front of us looked up.
"So your Captain Smith's kids huh?" A man with blond hair and brown eyes asked from behind us, he looked around my age which surprised me. I thought
Cecily and I had been the youngest on board.
"Yes we are" I told him firmly not liking the smug look on his face, truthfully I just wanted to slap it off.
"So are the rumors true? The one about wewe going to that one village and killing every indian...one...by...one?" Another boy with black hair and brown eyes
asked me curiously as he stood tall and proud.
"Please I the only one I have heard is that she killed a kubeba with her bare hand" An older man with red hair imitated a motion that I'm guessing was
suppose to be him choking a bear.
"Ok...neither of those are true" I told them my voice completly serious looking them right into the eyes. I had heard that some rumors had been started over
me, but I choose to keep my hopes up that these people wouldnt be so naive to believe everything they hear.
"Yeah taking one look at wewe I kinda figured all that stuff would be a lie" The blonde boy scoffed looking me over and tilting his nose slightly.
"Hmmm...you have a name to match your overly superficial manner?" I asked him mimicking his stance while all the men laughed at my little game, I have
a feeling that me and this boy would not be getting along.
"Yes I actually do, Edward Ronald Gerald the third" He alisema loudly and proudly his chest almost visibly puffing up after every syllable, until I started giggling so hard
that I had to clutch my stomach. The men also joined in laughing at the sound of his name, and his manner.
"Nice name" I giggled as I grabbed Cecily kwa the arm and pulled her towards the steps up to the main deck, she was still giggling when we reached the deck.
Finally after every passenger boarded we all waved farewell and sailed off into the sunset, as cliche as that sounds.
"What kind of adventures do wewe think the new world holds?" I asked my sister as I gazed from the side of the mashua out into the rolling sea, Cecily
sat on a crate inayofuata to me kusoma a worn copy of some book she had been addicted to.
"Whatever it is, wewe better not get into trouble because I'm not going to rescue you" She told me warningly looking up with her brown eyes and looking into
"Oh come on! What could possibly happen?!" I joked with her smiling and walking away from the railing, ready to sleep after a siku full of goodbyes and hellos.

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