Prince Schneizel is a character from Code Geass. He's 1 of the main villains. He's 1 of the most maarufu Code Geass villains which he deserves.

Here's some info about Schneizel:

Main Enemy: Lelouch

Allies: Kanon, Cornelia, Euphemia

Schneizel is a charming prince. He and Lelouch have the same dad, but different moms. Schneizel acts friendly to the other characters, but he's a dangerous guy. Although the characters act like King Charles is the main villain Schneizel can be considered the real villain of the show. He got along well with his family not counting Lelouch.

He's a really good villain. He knew how to be a oddly likeable and sympathetic person. Also he's really charming. He's good at tricking people similar to Prince Hans from Frozen. Schneizel was a better planner than King Charles. King Charles' plan was absurd and hard to take seriously. Because of that Schneizel is arguably the main villain from Code Geass. Like the other Code Geass villains he's interesting and exciting.

ujumla, jumla Schneizel is a good Code Geass villain who adds much to a already awesome show.