Kaname Ohgi is a major character in the anime onyesha Code Geass. Kaname seems to be a controversial character. Sadly Kaname is disliked kwa some Code Geass fans. Despite being somewhat hated I really like Kaname.

Here's some info about Kaname Ohgi:

upendo interest: Villetta

Allies: Zero, Kallen

Jobs: teacher, Black Knights participant

Kaname Ohgi is a major member of the Black Knights. He trusted Zero zaidi than the other Black Knights people. He used to be a teacher before being a member of the Black Knights. He met Villetta. Kaname let Villetta live at his house. She Lost her memories and became a nicer person who got a crush on him. After Villetta got her memories back she tried to become his enemy, but they ended up getting together.

Kaname Ohgi has 1 of my inayopendelewa Code Geass plot lines. His romance plot line with Villetta is great. It was sweet, interesting, and exciting. Kaname has always been a interesting character, because he's so essential to the Black Knights. Kaname is 1 of Code Geass' most likeable people. It's easy to root for him. I actually think he's zaidi likeable than Lelouch which I'm sure that so many people will agree with. Actually no. Sadly the mashabiki dislike Kaname.

ujumla, jumla Kaname Ohgi is 1 of Code Geass' most likeable, interesting, and coolest characters.