Critical Analysis of Twilight Switzerland (a mini-rant)

Cinders posted on Jul 14, 2009 at 08:02PM
It generally pisses me off when a common phrase gets made famous by some TV character or something. It's kind of like a band that you really liked, and then they sold out and hit the radio waves, and then everyone thought that you're just jumping on the bandwagon and reveling in the fad.

But this is an old reference that people have been using since the world wars. The concept of "Switzerland" as a neutral entity is a classic. And it PERSONALLY pisses me off because I used to use it on occasion, particularly because I tended to be a part of several social circles that didn't always get along or mesh. And so when I used that term the other day and someone laughed at me, and I said, "What?" they said, "I just didn't know you were a Twilight fan, that's all." I almost ripped her friggin head off right there. Instead, I cussed her out (no quotations needed) and told her plainly that Twilight didn't invent the term, and that if she thought that Meyer did, then clearly she knew nothing about history or common idioms.*

Sorry, I just felt the urge to express my annoyance that a phrase I used to use has suddenly become a "Twilight" reference. It reminds me of when Family Guy makes a popculture reference, but people miss the reference and think it's a FG Original and start saying, "Hey, that's the thing from Family Guy"-- NO IT &%$#ING ISN'T, IDIOT!

*Please be aware that my friends and I cuss each other out and speak very frankly with each other often, and no one gets offended. It's just how we communicate.
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Asvini said…
So I'm not the only one annoyed by that then? It's something I said occasionally too, especially around my family who can be quite arguementative and not liking to get in the middle I was Switzerland, and now it's been Twilighted. I got the same reaction once ("Oh, I'm surprised to see you like Twilight") and it almost makes me feel stupid saying it now. On one hand I don't want to alter how I speak because of a book I don't even like, but on the other hand the thought of people assuming I'm a Twilight fan bothers me.

One time I said schadenfreude in a sentance and someone said to me "ooh, shameful joy, right? you got that from the simpsons!" sigh.
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita laureng114 said…
Hah- Twilighted. Nice.

The bandwagon thing frustrates me too. When you are a fan of something and it gets COMPLETELY blown up you get frustrated. That's the thing about Twilight, I don't know what frustrates me more. The insane following and how it has been blown out of proportion or the actual book.

I mean really, I can't believe people think that Stephenie Meyer created the concept of using Switzerland like that. Yeesh
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Lunalovely said…
Please, I knew about the Switzerland thing LONG before Twilight had ever conceived itself into Smeyer's tiny little subconscious mind. I mean am i the only one who knew that?during every single war for the past 100 years or so Switzerland has always been neutral, and for those who only figured it out because Twilight STOLE it, then shame on you