Damon raised his fist to knock the door, but before he could, it was already opened. Bonnie greeted him with a big smile. “Damon” she alisema breathless. “Come in” and she step aside to let him pass. He walked straight ahead and entered the living room. His glance fell on the numerous amount of chai lights and he whistled. “Are wewe trying to save energy?” he asked. Bonnie went standing in front of him and stroke his chest with her finger. “I thought I should create some… sphere” She brought her lips to his, but before they came in contact with each other Bonnie pulled away. “Not so fast” she alisema teasing. Damon swallowed. Bonnie was right. She deserved to be cared for, not to be taken and dumped like trash. He would give her everything she wanted, she needed, if aliyopewa the chance. She motioned at the table. “You want to have a drink?” she said. Damon nodded. Bonnie went to come back with a bottle of red wine. “I hope wewe drink this?” “I would drink anything wewe offer” Damon alisema and accepted the glass of wine. “I think we need to sort some things out” Bonnie alisema while she sat down. Damon put the glass down and curiously stared at her. “We haven’t been good friends, really, but maybe we could start with a clean slate?” Damon nodded. “Yeah, absolutely” he agreed. “I mean, you’ve been doing some very nasty things, but I can try to leave that in the past” Bonnie continued. “You’re awesome, Bonnie” Damon sighed. “How can I ever thank you?” He stared at her face. Why had he not seen how beautiful she was before? He wanted to touch her, kiss her, make upendo with her. But he could never imagine someone perfect as Bonnie would want to get involved with someone useless such as himself.
“If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to put on something zaidi comfy” Bonnie alisema with a wink and she left the room. Damon stood up and looked around. It was a beautiful house, just like Bonnie was, he thought dreamy. He walked to the bookcase. It was open and one book lay on juu of the others. Damon pulled it out. There was a pink piece of paper to mark the page and Damon opened it. As his eyes read the words he felt his hands getting sweaty. His moyo started beating fast and he panted. He looked up, to see where Bonnie was, but she was still changing her outfit. He had to get out of here, right now. He quickly walked to the front door, when he grabbed his head and fell down on his knees. “Aaaaaaaaaaahhh!” he screamed. The headache was back. He looked up and saw Bonnie standing above him. She was wearing the same clothes, but the friendly attitude was gone. “You found the book” she concluded. “That’s good. I intended wewe to find it, that’s why I marked it” Damon crawled mbele and almost reached the front door. Bonnie stuck out her left hand aside of her body, she pulled her arm and sent the moto in the living room to the front door. Damon crawled back again. “I wanted wewe to know what I’m going to do with you” Bonnie alisema sinister. Damon widened his eyes and panted. “Why?” he asked scared while his head felt like it would explode. “Because I wanted wewe to know how it feels when wewe know something awful will happen to wewe and wewe know it’s just a matter of seconds. wewe want to escape, but there’s nowhere to turn, and whatever’s after wewe is coming closer and closer, until it catches up with and rips wewe apart… I bet that’s exactly how your victims feel” Bonnie alisema icy. She bent down on her knees and lay her hands on his temples, mumbling again, while Damon screamed.
When she pulled her hands away, Damon fell down unconscious, and the clock struck midnight.