1.because their 1st meeting was EPIC

2."Quit cheerleading"
"Why do wewe say that?"
"I saw your practice..you looked miserable" (1x3)
^^HE was the ONLY one who understood that SHE was not happy during the practice

3."I'm sorry..abt Katherine..you Lost her too" (1x3)
^^Elena knew that HE was hurted and sad about losing Katherine

4.because SHE is HIS humanity

5.In the books-Stelena are described as just "soul mates" whereas Delena are described as ETERNAL soul mates <3 <3

6.because HE is the ONLY one who can make HER smile when she's tensed

7.because she cares about him and she always will

8.HE took away Jeremy's "sufferings" just for Elena

9.Elena's WAY zaidi fun and brave when she's around Damon

10.because no matter what HE would ALWAYS protect HER

11."Stefan would come after you..you know that..for messing with Elena"
"Then he wouldn't be too happy if I kill her when I don't get what I want"
"When do wewe wanna do this?"(1x14)
because even after her betrayal..he cared about her

12.because he didn't compelled her in Atlanta even though he easily could have

13.because SHE is the ONLY one who gained HIS trust after so many years

14."I've to be able to get in and get out..can't be distracted with your safety"(1x17)
^^because he knew that if Elena goes in the house..he would be worried about her

15.because they actually do talk about issues with each other unlike others

16.because he never lied to her

17.because she understood the intimacy of "near touch" only when she danced with Damon

18.because they look Drop Dead Gorgeous together

19."Why Stefan..why didn't wewe go for Damon"(1x21)
^^because even her mom knows that who's a better choice..lol

20."How did wewe know that he was gonna give it to me"
"Cuz he's in upendo with you"(1x21)
^^because even her mom knew that he loves her and would do anything for her

21."I like wewe better like this..period look didn't suit you"(1x22)
"I like wewe now..just the way wewe are"(2x22)
^^do I need to say anything here??

22.because she decided that he was worth saving

23."You have Lost me forever"(2x3)
"Damon I'm your friend"(2x12)
^^because no matter how many bad things happen she can never be away from Damon

24.because it hurts him whenever he see her crying

25.because he is not selfish with her

26."I don't deserve you"
(Backgroung music's wording-"I was wrrrooonnnggg")
"But my brother does"
(Backgroung music's wording-"I was wrrrooonnnggg") (2x8)
^^Do I REALLY need to say anything??

27.because he cared enough to go n find her locket,so that she's protected from being compelled kwa someone else

28.because he is not obsessed with her

29."I've had a running with one of the brother's that killed me"
"I assume he didn't live to tell about it"
"Actually I spared him..he'll die before he let anything happen to her"(2x10)
^^Hell ya..even Elijah saw the upendo for Elena in Damon's eyes

30."Go nyumbani Elena"---equation 1
"ok..I will"----equation 2
*Elena hugs Damon*----equation 3 (2x12)
1 + 2 + 3 = Conclusion:Damon's arms IS Elena's "Home"
^^lol..I upendo solving sums like this

31."What's going on here"
"Doesn't look like nothing"(2x13)
^^because even her Dad can sense that something's going on between them

32.because he would ALWAYS choose her

33.because when she came back from the dead,her 1st word was "Damon"(2x21)

34.because they are SO meant to be the endgame
John's letter (2x21)-
"Whether you're now kusoma this as a Human"(scene shows Elena)
"Or as a Vampire"(scene shifts to Damon)
"I upendo wewe all the same"(back to Elena)
"As I've always loved you"(showing Damon)
"And Always WILL"(atlast Elena)

35.because no matter what she will always forgive him

36.because she broke down and cried when she thought he was gonna die

37.because they have undeniable chemistry

38.because they are a much zaidi realistic couple

39.because they have way zaidi media coverage than any other couple of the show

40.Last but not the least..well let's admit it..bcoz Delena has the highest amount of fanbase than any other couple and everyone knows that!!