One week later

A corrosive, burning pain spread across Caroline’s face and with a shriek she woke up. She wanted to wipe the verbain of her face, but her hands were tight. She was sitting in some kind of room. There was a kitanda and a desk. There were curtains and a carpet. wewe couldn’t say Klaus was no good host. But despite the nice room, Caroline would upendo to get out of it, after spending a week in it. A hand holding a napkin stretched to her face and cleaned it. “I’m sorry I had to do that” Caroline opened her eyes and looked at the girl. “Yeah, I bet you’re sorry” Caroline snapped. These robes were getting painful. At least they didn’t let her starve, she received her share of blood every day. “Why won’t wewe let me go? What’s in there for you?” Caroline asked. Amber continued rubbing the verbain of Caroline’s face. “It’s not easy. Klaus frightens me. And I have nowhere to turn. I can’t go back home. My parents would never understand. They would hate me, despise me, send me away. But Stefan has been really helpful. He’s told me all about vampires, why we can walk in the sun, that we should be careful. If I run away it would be very ungrateful” “Stefan’s the one that turned you” Caroline concluded. It was quite obvious. Amber nodded. “Well, if wewe can’t let me go, can wewe at least tell me what Klaus has in store for me?” Caroline asked. Amber shook her head and looked down. “I don’t know anything. I just do what they ask me to…And for your information, you’re not the only vampire here” Caroline’s eyes widened. “You mean there are others? There are other Wanyonya damu being held prison? Where are they? Are they in other rooms? Where are we exactly?”
“I think that’s enough maswali for today, Caroline” a calm voice said. Stefan had sneaked up on them and looked rather angry. “Amber, why don’t wewe go check on the others?” he alisema with a fierce glance at Caroline. “I already did, they are fine” Amber said, not realizing Stefan wanted her gone. “Then check again” he alisema expressing. “Okay, I can take a hint” Amber said, getting up. “Be a nice boy, Stefan, Klaus needs her to be in one piece” she alisema with a wink before taking off.
“Caroline, how are you?” Stefan asked. “Don’t pretend to care” Caroline alisema bitter. “I’m sorry I didn’t come sooner, I was busy “ Stefan said. “With what? Playing Jack the Ripper?” Caroline snapped. “I understand your hatred, but wewe have to understand that I have to keep my part of the bargain. I had to make offers for Damon’s life” Stefan said. “So, what, I have to praise wewe because you’ve aliyopewa up your life so Damon get to live his? Wow, Stefan, applause, but whatever offers wewe have to make I refuse to be one of them” Caroline alisema angry. “You have no choice. Just like I have no choice” Stefan said. “Now I have to ask wewe something and I need wewe to be honest. Whatever the answer is I won’t take it out on you” Caroline averted her head, refusing to look at Stefan. “How’s Elena? Is she missing me? And Damon, is he still crushing on her? Is Elena falling for him?” he asked, sounding worried. Caroline’s face had a disdainful expression when she answered. “Seriously? You’ve become exactly what you’ve tried to avoid for 145 years, you’re on the loose as a ripper and your biggest concern is whether your girlfriend and your brother are hooking up with each other?” “Please, Caroline, I need to know” Stefan alisema and he lay a hand on her arm. “They’re not involved with each other” Caroline said. Stefan let out a relieved sigh. “But they are bonding. Seriously bonding”
Stefan averted his head, his eyes turned red and he growled. He gave up everything to save his brother. The least Damon could do is leave Elena alone. He understood they would try to save him and that involved seeing each other and talking, but it could go without falling for each other. If Damon had the slightest respect for Stefan, he wouldn’t try to seduce Elena. And if Elena loved him just a little bit, she wouldn’t give in to her feelings for Damon, if she had them.
“Amber! I need wewe to do something for me!”