It was cold and dark and dusty. The air smelled humid and the ground was rough. The scent of fresh blood filled the unfamiliar place and penetrated in Damon’s nose. His eyes flew open and he sniffed the scent. He averted his head to a point in front of him. He looked down. Right kwa the entrance there was a bag of blood. Damon jumped for it, but was forceful thrown back against the wall. He looked up and saw his arms where chained. “You have to be kidding me” he weakly mumbled. He pulled with all his strength, but the chains were too strong.
“I’m afraid there’s no use in doing that”
Damon looked at Bonnie who was standing outside of…wherever he was. She held a flashlight and pointed it at Damon, who covered his eyes. “Where am I?” he asked. Bonnie let the flashlight go around the place. It was some underground cell, where only rats and other vermin would come. “I called it your home. It’s precisely where wewe belong” she alisema with a disgusted look at Damon. “How long?” he asked. Bonnie pulled up her nose. “A week… This place smells funny… but someone like wewe should get used to it in no time” Damon crawled backwards and leaned against the rough wall. “Why didn’t I wake earlier?” he asked. Bonnie pursed her lips and smirked. “Because I didn’t want wewe to. I needed wewe to stay asleep” she said. “Why? And don’t wewe have anything to eat? I’m starving” Damon moaned. Bonnie opened the cell and stepped in. “Don’t even for a sekunde think wewe can take me down. You’re too weak and I’m too strong” she said, before throwing a panya at him. Then she stepped backwards and shut the cell again. “That’s it?” Damon asked resentful. “You won’t let me feed for a week and then all I get is a rat?!” Bonnie put up a vicious smile. “You really have to onyesha some gratitude, Damon. I can try to talk with wewe to get wewe some manners, but I don’t want to go the old fashion way” she alisema with a friendly tone, but a sinister glance in her eyes. She put her hand backwards and the inayofuata moment it was holding a bowl with cereals and milk, and a spoon. She sank down in Indian style and looked at Damon. “You have to eat, Damon” she alisema serious. “It’s not nice to let a lady eat alone” “Well, good thing you’re not a lady” Damon spit out. He groaned when he felt something cutting the left side of his face. Bonnie waved with her finger. “Ah ah ah, be nice, Damon. Now, eat!” she commanded. Damon stared at the dead panya at his feet and reluctantly picked it up. He brought it to his mouth. Bonnie, who was about to have another bite of her cereals, put down her spoon and stared at Damon, her eyes expectantly bulging. Damon bit of the head and squeezed out the blood. Unfortunately other things came with the blood. Damon spit them out and threw the panya away, au what was left of it.
“Damn it, if only I had a camera” Bonnie said. Damon wiped his mouth and panted. “You’re crazy. You’re completely, over the juu crazy. If wewe hate me that much why don’t wewe just drive a stake through my heart?” he alisema upset.
“I can’t do that” Bonnie alisema uigizaji shocked. “What would Elena say? She would never forgive me” “You think she’s going to forgive wewe this?” Damon alisema sarcastic.
“Oh, well, I’m not going to tell her and I’m pretty sure wewe won’t either” Bonnie alisema with a twinkling in her eyes. “Or else I would have to hurt you”
“Why haven’t they come looking for me?” Damon groaned.
“Why would they? You’re my boyfriend now and wewe upendo to be with me” Bonnie said. She sounded like she almost believed it. “Well, enough with the talking and the feeding. It’s time to meet the rest of the world as a couple” She opened the cell and walked towards Damon. She mumbled some words and the chains were loose. Damon rubbed his wrists. “Come on, sweetheart, get out. We’ve got things to do” Bonnie said. Damon got on his feet with a lot of effort and staggered to the entrance of the cell. Bonnie followed him. “We’re going to your house to get your stuff” she alisema when she stood inayofuata to him. “Why would wewe want to stay with that vampire bitch, kahaba if wewe can be with me, right?” Damon laughed scornful. “I can come up with some good reasons” he alisema disdainful. Another cut was Bonnies answer, inayofuata to the first one. Bonnie groaned. “I have to stop doing this. Look at your pretty face, it’s totally maimed. wewe shouldn’t provoke me like that, Damon” she alisema reproachful. “Now, come on, we have to get going” She hooked her arm into Damons and smiled at him. “Oh, just so wewe know, wewe better be careful with knifes, scissors and any other sharp object. I put an anti-healing spell on you”