A large bag of chips, a two liter bottle of cola and a television. zaidi did one not need to get over a heartbreak, right? He let himself fall in the kitanda and grabbed the remote controller. He pushed a button and the Simpsons came on. Homer Simpson was strangling Bart Simpson. “Ha, don’t wewe just upendo a classic?” Jeremy looked aside and saw Anna lying inayofuata to him, her feet comfortably on the coffee table. She put her hand in the bag and took some chips. “I hope wewe don’t mind. Paprika are my favorite” she alisema and she put the chips in her mouth. “Is this your new strategy? uigizaji homy instead of freaking me out?” Anna shrugged. “It was getting kind of old” she said. She took the bottle, opened it and drank from it. “I can’t speak for Vicky, though. Girl’s a bit… not completely sane” “She’s not crazy!” Jeremy defended his death girlfriend. “She’s just…really troubled”
“Jeremy, who are wewe talking to?”
Elena entered the living room and worriedly looked at her brother.
“No one” Jeremy quickly said, his head turning red. “The television” Elena looked at the TV. “Since when do wewe watch The Simpsons? wewe hate it” she alisema frowning. “Yeah, so does Bonnie” Jeremy explained. “Oh, I get it” Elena alisema understanding. She sank down inayofuata to him, Jeremy looked at the spot she sat on. “What? Am I sitting on something?” Elena quickly asked. Jeremy shook his head. “No, no. All’s clear” he alisema distracted. Elena lay her hand on his thy. “If it helps, I don’t get it either” she said. “Damon and Bonnie?” she asked unbelieving, zaidi to herself than Jeremy. “Bonnie and Damon?” Jeremy said, just as unbelieving as Elena. “What does she see in him?” “What does he see in her?” Elena fired back. Jeremy averted his head so fast he nearly snapped his own neck. He angry looked at his sister. “Bonnie is a great girl! She can have anyone!” he defended his ex-girlfriend. “Why do wewe care anyway? You’re with Stefan, remember?” Elena felt her cheeks warm up and she focused on a stain on the coffee table. “This isn’t about Stefan” she said, not very convincing. “She dumped you. She hurt my little brother. I’m supposed to bitch, kahaba about her”
Jeremy raised his eyebrows. “Are wewe sure it’s just about that? Like, wewe haven’t been to the Salvatore house since last week, when wewe checked on Damon. I thought wewe were working on something?”
Elena shrugged. “I’ve been thinking about it and it seems best if I just leave it to the police. I mean, it’s their job” she alisema bored. Jeremy nodded.
“Jeremy, can wewe please tell your sister to get of my lap?” Anna asked. Jeremy’s face stiffened. “What’s wrong?” Elena asked. “Nothing” Jeremy said, forcing a smile.