“What do wewe mean, couple?”
Amber was back from her mission. Stefan had asked her to keep a distant eye on Elena and Damon and now she was bringing information.
“As in couple couple. Damon and Bonnie are a couple. I heard Bonnie say ‘That’s my boyfriend you’re clinging on’ and ‘Damon loves me’ and he alisema ‘Till death do us part’. Though he didn’t sound very happy” Amber said.
Stefan shook his head, confused. “But I thought Bonnie was seeing Jeremy. Did they break up?” he asked surprised. They seemed to be a solid couple. “Well, I suppose” Amber chuckled. She drank from a blood bag. “Or else she wouldn’t hook up with Damon. Btw, wewe never told me he was that hot” she alisema with a sparkling in her eyes. She gave the blood bag to Stefan. He drank from it. “I just don’t understand. They hate each other. They tried to kill each other. Why would they all of a sudden fall for one another?” Amber shrugged. “Maybe Bonnie needed a challenge in her life” Stefan raised his eyebrows. “Yeah, because being a witch and living in a place that’s like a halting-place for every vampire isn’t challenging at all” he alisema sarcastic. “Just trying to think of any possibilities” Amber defended herself and she had another gulp of blood. “Maybe all this hating was just passion underneath. wewe know there’s only a thin line between hate and passion” she suggested. Stefan shook his head. “Amber, Damon fed Elena his blood, because he thought that was the only way to save her from the sacrifice. It was so wrong, I hated him for it, because he didn’t care for what Elena wanted, but it says quite a lot about how he feels. And he didn’t care if Bonnie died in the process as long as Elena was saved” he said.
“Hmm” Amber said. “Okay, wewe convinced me. This is not right. So, what’ s the plan?”
Stefan stared in the distance. He knew what Amber was talking about, but what could they do? If Damon was using Bonnie for her magic, how would he be able to stop him? Because that’s the only reason why his brother would be nice to a witch. For her powers.
“We have to go back” he eventually said.
“Back to Mystic Falls?” Amber alisema excited.
“Yes, but don’t talk so loud, there are ears everywhere” Stefan whispered.