Bonnie pushed Damon over the porch into her house. He walked ahead to the kitchen, Bonnie behind him. He turned around and saw the furious expression on her face. In other circumstances he would’ve made a sarcastic comment, but the way things were now, Damon knew the best thing was to keep his mouth shut. “I thought we had an agreement” she alisema slowly and threatening while she came closer to Damon. “You wouldn’t drink any human blood” she continued. Damon frowned his eyebrows frustrated. “You alisema that, I never alisema I agreed” Bonnie widened her eyes and Damon wouldn’t be surprised if there would be steam coming out of her nose and ears. “You wouldn’t talk about me. wewe wouldn’t talk about Elena” Damon gnashed his teeth. Did Bonnie really expect him not to ask about the woman he loved? Apparently she did. She grabbed his arm and dragged him to his prison. She pushed him back in his caged and his hands were automatically chained. Why couldn’t he just attack her? He wouldn’t kill her, just bite her so he could escape. But as he considered this, he realized it had nothing to do with physical strength. Bonnies power over him had nothing to do with muscles au speed. She sat down in Indian style. “You have been a very bad boy, Damon, disobeying me like that” “I’m sorry” he mumbled, though he didn’t mean a word of it. “Shut up” Bonnie commanded. “I believe bad boys should be punished” she finished with an extremely evil smile on her face. Damon swallowed, fearing whatever was coming. But Bonnie just sat there. She wasn’t mumbling anything, she wasn’t motioning with her hands. He braced himself, yet nothing happened. Then, as if someone had tied an invisible thread around his arm, he lifted up his left hand. His fingers enclosed his right index finger. He realized what was going on and he tried to let go, but his grip was too tight. As he struggled to separate his two hands, he forcedly pulled and turned his finger until he heard a crack and blood streamed on his hand. Damon gasped and heavily breathed. His face was white and he sweated. He felt how he sank deeper into unconsciousness. As his eyes slowly closed he saw Bonnie standing up, that evil smile still on her face.