Sometimes it's hard to be a DE shipper.
One moment, you're on juu of the world, after kusoma that Executive Producer, Kevin Williamson, wants DE to get together. The next, you're brought down to earth with a bump when he pours doubt on whether it will even happen.

Williamson told The Hollywood Reporter: "The one thing I do want to see filmed and I'll say it because it hasn't happened yet and it may never happen, but I do want to see - and I will go on the record to every Stelena [Stefan and Elena] shabiki in the world - I do want to see Damon and Elena get it on."

Williamson's colleague Julie Plec responded: "No maoni and no timeline", while Williamson suggested that mashabiki of Damon and Elena should not get excited just yet.

"It's one of those things where wewe have to earn it," he said. "When I say that, it doesn't mean it's reality. It's just what I want to see and I know it may not happen.

"I know right now that's not where we are. Right now, Damon has to be Damon."

So, where does this leave us? Do we rejoice, thinking 'He's on our side!!!', au do we slump dejectedly back in our seats and mutter 'Better not hold my breath then'? What is Kevin really saying?
Kevin and Julie tend to make misleading,contradictory statements about DE a lot, so...should we even take this seriously? Is he just saying all this because he wants to play games with us? And what is the point in even coming out with statements like that if he's not sure if there will even BE a DE upendo scene in the future? He's being kind of cruel to us, if that's the case.
I think that in a way, Kevin is teasing us; however, I do believe he's being one hundred percent serious in saying that he wants to write a 'romantic' DE scene for the show. I don't think he would lie about something so major, especially in an interview. kwa talking about the possibility of a DE sex scene, he's going to get everyone talking, but he's being mysterious and torturing mashabiki in the process kwa adding that he's not sure if it'll even happen - and thus making them want it to even more.
"It doesn't mean it's reality. It's just what I want to see and I know it may not happen." Oh puh-lease! Kevin is an executive producer, he can make anything happen on the onyesha he wants!! He wouldn't suggest it could happen if he had no intention of uandishi it. He is deliberately 'teasing' us; making us excited at the prospect of a upendo scene featuring Delena, and then making us worry it won't happen. I can't remember if it was Kevin au Julie who alisema this au where they alisema it, but they 'like mashabiki to be tortured as much as the characters' (or something like that.) What better way to achieve this kwa stating how much wewe would upendo to see a DE sex scene, and then retracting it at the last moment kwa uttering 'Ohh, I don't know when it'll ever happen.' Some SE and DB mashabiki might be taken in kwa this, but DE mashabiki will not! Kevin knows he's going to risk the wrath of Stelena mashabiki for being put on record for saying "I do want to see Damon and Elena get it on." He knows they're going to freak out. He knows they're going to be angry and hate him. Why would he risk that if he was never going to write such a scene in the first place? I know some of wewe might be sceptical as wewe are kusoma this, but ask yourself if it makes sense. I am not at all surprised that he would want to tease us, but he has a bizarre sense of humour if he thinks that SE mashabiki would find that funny, and would not be the tiniest bit threatened kwa it.

Of course it's inevitable that Kevin will claim not to know if DEX will ever take place, but even if he did know, he would never say when au in which season. If Kevin is simply indulging us in his ndoto DE wishlist, while knowing it can never be a reality, then kwa musing about it out-loud in interviews, he's sort of setting up a precedent: mashabiki will expect to see it at some time. The fact that he's putting it out there, so to speak, isn't fair to mashabiki if it will never come true. In fact, most DE mashabiki already think a DE upendo scene will be on the menu at some stage, and their expectations will surely increase after hearing Kevin admit that he thinks it should happen too. The last thing he wants to do is disappoint thousands of fans.

Some DE mashabiki are probably going to remain cynical. After all, producers have been known to suck up to a fanbase before, and even give them scenes to appease them, (the Bamon dance in 2x18 is a good example of this.) What if Kevin is only saying DEX will happen to appease the mashabiki because they know SE are going to be endgame?
Kevin is not just saying he THINKS DE should 'get it on.' He's going a step further than that kwa admitting that he WANTS them to. I don't believe Kevin - au any producer on the onyesha for that matter - has stated a personal preference for Delena before. While it's possible that they've already decided who Elena will choose at the end of the show, it's also possible for them to change their minds. (Personally, I don't think they HAVE made up their minds yet.) Four years is plenty of time for them to re-think and re-write the ending. One thing I do know: the writers are going to have to be very careful with how they write Elena's character and her relationship with Stefan after she sleeps with Damon. wewe know, every SE and DB shabiki claims that it would 'ruin' Elena if she slept with Damon. But they're wrong. It would 'ruin' her if she went BACK to Stefan AFTER she slept with Damon. It would 'ruin' her if she slept with STEFAN AFTER she slept with DAMON. That would ruin Elena's character alright.

While we shouldn't take everything Kevin and Julie say about the relationships on the onyesha out of context au jump to conclusions before they happen, I think we can take comfort knowing that Kevin wants to see DEX take place like the rest of us. We may doubt the producers motives at times and worry how much we can trust them, but surely the fact that Kevin is in our 'corner' works in our favour? No matter how coy he appears to be about when and how it will happen in the future, he must have at least THOUGHT about it. If he knew there was no chance of DEX at all, he would never entertain people's hopes kwa saying 'It's what I would like to see, but I know it might not.' Call it reverse psychology. If he says he doesn't know if it'll happen, then it means it will. Ian frequently told interviewers he didn't know how Elena would be able to forgive Damon throughout the course of last season. At the height of Season 2 finale spoiler speculation, DE mashabiki reckoned there would be a bite au a kiss in the finale. In a vain attempt to throw us off-course, Julie took to Twitter to advise us not to believe everything we heard. We got both.
Go ahead and write that scene Kevin...
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