She knocked three times, then waited for Bonnie to open the door. It was pretty cold outside, so she hoped her plan would work. Five dakika later, what took her so long?, the door went open and Bonnie appeared on the doorstep. She lifted up her chin and looked down on Katherine. “What?” she alisema short. Katherine forced a smile, which was hard enough, knowing Damon was inside there against his will. “Hi, Bonnie, I’m sorry to bother wewe this late, but I need to talk to you” she said, trying to sound cheery. After all, Elena was in cheery mood, so Katherine had to be too. “Really? What about? And can’t it wait till tomorrow? I’m kind of tired” Bonnie alisema cold. Katherine widened her eyes, which made her look a little insane. “No! It’s very important. Can I please come in?” she asked insisting. Bonnie shrugged, smiled and step aside. She waved with her hand as to invite her in. Katherine’s smile vanished and she swallowed. “Is there a problem?” Bonnie asked. “Katherine?” Katherine looked at Bonnie. She knew, of course she knew. Elena would’ve just entered the house, not reluctantly stay outside. “How stupid do wewe think I am? wewe think I can’t tell the difference between my best friend and a murderer? Think again” Bonnie snapped. “Now get the hell out of here! Before I make you!”
Katherine grabbed Bonnies throat and pulled her out of the house. “I may not get into your house, wewe can get out of it!” She grabbed her hair and forced her head sideward. She opened her mouth and bit Bonnie. Bonnie screamed. “Daaaaammmmooooonn!!!” Damon appeared outside and after first being confused of what he saw, he pulled Katherine away from Bonnie. “Don’t” was all he said. Katherine ignored him and wanted to attack Bonnie again. But Damon put himself between the two women. “Bonnie, get inside” “Since when do wewe give orders?” Bonnie asked arrogant. “Just do it” Damon snapped without even turning around at her. Bonnie swallowed her critics and obeyed Damon. Katherine watched Bonnie going inside, staying in the shadows. “Come with me” her lips formed. Damon shook his head. “You can’t stay here, wewe have to get out” Katherine hissed. Damon looked behind him, then back front, despair on his face. “I want to get out, but I can’t. I have to stay” “No, wewe don’t understand” Katherine said. “Elena needs you. Bonnie has put a spell on her. She’s uigizaji all happy” “What?” Damon asked worried and shocked. So that’s why she didn’t look for me, he thought, she has no idea what’s going on. She really thinks I’m with Bonnie. He leaned mbele and whispered in Katherine’s ear: “Tell Elena that I upendo her and I will get her back” Katherine promised she would deliver the message. “Now go” Damon said. Katherine reluctantly stepped backwards, not wanting to leave Damon here. “Go!” Damon insisted. Katherine startled and ran off. Damon turned around and entered the house. “Bonnie! I think wewe have some explaining to do!” he yelled furious. She could mess with him all she wanted, but she had to keep her hands of Elena!