“I should go check on him” Stefan said. “Make sure he’ll be okay”
Elena nodded.
“You should go home, Elena” he continued. “I’ll call wewe as soon as I know my brother’s safe”
“No, I want to come with. I need to know he’ll be alright” Elena protested.
“Elena, I promise wewe I won’t let anything happen to him” Stefan said. “But like wewe said, you’re not yourself. wewe can’t take care of yourself. I can’t protect the both of you”
Elena shut her eyes. “Alright, then” she alisema soft.
“Ask Caroline to give wewe a ride home…or stay at the party” Stefan said. Elena shook her head. “I’m not in the mood for partying” she said.
“Yeah, I figured wewe wouldn’t be” Stefan said. “Then go home, Elena. Try to get some rest, I’ll take care of Damon”
Elena reluctantly started walking away.
Stefan rushed in the direction Damon had taken five dakika ago.
Damon ran for his life when suddenly his path was blocked kwa his younger brother. “Stefan” he said. “Please, help me”
“I will, my brother, I will” Stefan said. He threw his left arm over Damon’s shoulder and pressed him against him. The inayofuata moment Damon felt a burning pain in his left side. He wanted to free himself, but Stefan held him too tight. “Why?” Damon mumbled.
“It’s nothing personal” Stefan alisema as Damon dropped on the ground. “I just want Elena back” He put away the vervain syringe and picked Damon up. He dragged him over the ground.
An instant later he was in Bonnie’s basement, dropping Damon on the floor.
“Hey! Please be a little careful! That is my toy you’re playing with!” Bonnie reproached.
“What’s going to happen with him now?” Stefan asked, looking at Damon.
“That doesn’t matter” Bonnie said. “All wewe need to know is the real Elena will be coming back really soon”
Stefan nodded nervous. “Can I ask wewe something? When wewe came the Boarding House with Damon’s suitcases, wewe didn’t seem to be surprised I was back. Did wewe know?”
“I’m a powerful witch, Stefan” Bonnie answered. “I foresaw it”
Stefan nodded again.
“Now wewe have to go” Bonnie said. “Go home, to Elena. You’ve done your part, I’ll do the rest”
After one final look at Damon Stefan turned around and left.