“That’s enough” Bonnie alisema and Damon stopped feeding. Bonnie was so kind to wipe the blood of his chin. “I understand what Elena’s sees in you. I mean, wewe are hot”
“Leave Elena out of this” Damon muttered.
“Yeah, I wish I could, but the thing is, wewe are connected to her” Bonnie said. “No, not in a related kind of way. You’re not family. But her moyo beats for the two of wewe and she, the real Elena, will come back for you. Stefan will keep her away for a while, but eventually she will come look for wewe and find you”
“I don’t want her to see me like this” Damon said.
“Ah, well, wewe can’t always get what wewe want” Bonnie said. She searched through her pockets and conjured a phone. “Oooh, look what I found. It’s your phone. Maybe we should call Elena and tell her you’re fine. Tell her you’re back in business with me, if wewe get the picture”
“Leave Elena out of this!” Damon now yelled.
But Bonnie already dialed Elena’s number. After a few sekunde she said: “Damn it, it goes straight to voicemail” A vicious smile appeared on her face. “But we can always leave her a message”
She held the phone close to Damon’s mouth and she pierced her nails in Damon’s thorax. She moved her nails downwards, causing deep cuts in his chest.
“Don’t be shy to scream, Damon” Bonnie alisema as she repeated the process. “Elena needs to hear you”