“I’ll be back” Bonnie said. “Don’t try to go anywhere, wewe know what happens if wewe do”
She walked out of the cage and left. She reappeared in the ICU of the hospital where Jeremy lay in coma.
She walked to the kitanda and lay her hand on his heart. She felt how it heated up and soon the curves on the monitor went flat and a long tune was heard. She disappeared right before the medical staff rushed in.
She reappeared in Damon’s cage and gasped. Even in this darkness she could see the cage was empty. He was trying to escape.
Damon slowly walked alongside the rough walls, his fingers searching a way out. He felt something grainy on the walls and something crawled on his hand. He quickly wiped the thing of his hand. Where the hell was he?
He stepped on something solid and hairy. He wasn’t wearing any shoes either and he felt something bite his foot.
“Shit” he cursed, trying to keep his voice down. It was only a matter of time before Bonnie would find him.
He ignored the pain and walked further, trying not to step on anything that had teeth. He felt how cold wind blew on his thorax and in his face. inayofuata to the fact that the coolness took away some of the pain in his eyes and on his chest, he realized he was close to the exit.
He felt someone grab his feet and he smacked on the ground.
“There wewe are” Bonnie alisema and she dragged him over the cold, dusty ground.