Elena lay in her bed, but it had taken Stefan an saa to assure her Damon was alright.
“I brought him to Ric’s loft” he had said. “If I would’ve brought him here Bonnie would’ve found him in no time. wewe can go see him tomorrow. I promise”
“Where’s my phone?” she asked shaking. “I want to call him. I want to hear him say he’s okay"
Stefan gave Elena’s phone and she dialed Damon’s number. It went straight to voicemail. “He’s not picking up” Elena alisema scared. “Something happened”
Stefan took her kwa her shoulders. “Elena, his phone is probably dead and all this running must’ve tired him. Give him a break. Call him tomorrow”
Elena ignored Stefan and dialed Alaric’s number. Sure he would answer. But he didn’t. “Alaric’s not picking up his phone either. Why is that?”
“Maybe because it’s night and people usually sleep over night?” Stefan said. He wiped away Elena’s tears of fear. “Go to kitanda and have some sleep. Take Damon’s kitanda if it makes wewe feel better. Tomorrow everything will be better”
Not completely reassured Elena had entered Damon’s bedroom. She had crawled underneath the sheets and now her eyes closed.
She woke up outside, at an unfamiliar place. She had this dream before and again she heard the familiar voice. Only this time she recognized the voice.
“Damon” she whispered.