Jenna brought Jeremy to Bonnies kitchen. Damon pushed Bonnie against the wall.
“What do wewe think I want? I want wewe to take away whatever’s keeping me in check. I want wewe to undo the spell wewe put on Elena” Bonnie shook her head, looking desperate. “I can’t, Damon, I’m sorry” Damon grabbed her neck, pressing her wound. She screamed. “And why can’t you?” he asked his voice caught in his throat. “The only way to free wewe is to kill me”
Jenna turned to Jeremy. “Now wewe know what to do”
“I have to kill her” Jeremy said.
Jenna nodded. “Bonnie was supposed to kill Damon to restore the balance. After she brought wewe back to life there was a shift in the balance of life and death. When seven people are supposed to die, seven people have to die. wewe can’t mess with Nature. But Bonnie did and so she had to give a life to replace yours. And who would’ve been better than the one who was responsible for your death? Damon was the reason she asked for their powers and he was the reason wewe died. It seemed only natural to take his life…But Bonnie just abused the powers of the Bennett witches to unleash her hate on him”
“I know what I have to do” Jeremy alisema shaking, but determined.
“Then it’s time wewe wake up” Jenna alisema and she pushed him away.
Jeremy opened his eyes.