Elena ran into Jeremy, which meant Alaric hadn’t been able to keep him away.
“Elena, we need to go and help Damon”
Elena nodded. “I know. I had a dream. I know what it sounds, but it was real”
“He’s with Bonnie. We need to go to Bonnies” Jeremy said.
“Come on, we’ll take Damon’s car” Elena said. She and Jeremy ran to Damon’s car, which still had the keys in the connection. She turned them and started the engines. She pushed the accelerator and raced ahead.
She drove alongside other cars, causing other drivers to honk. She ignored them and ten dakika and a red light later she parked the car. She and Jeremy got out of the car and entered the house.
“Anna?” Jeremy shouted.
“Why are wewe calling your dead girlfriend?” Elena asked nervous.
“Anna? Can wewe hear me? We need your help” Jeremy said.
“The basement” Anna said. Elena startled, looked around, but didn’t see anything au anyone.
“Of course” Jeremy said. He grabbed Elena’s hand and led her to the basement.
But no one was there.
“Jeremy? Are wewe sure there here?” Elena asked.
Jeremy looked at her. “In your dream, what happened exactly? Think hard”
Elena recalled the dream, which was easy enough. “They’re not in the basement. They’re underneath it”
They searched for an opening, a shutter, but there was nothing to find.
“Bonnie got there with magic” Jeremy realized. “We can’t do that”
“Then we’ll have to dig ourselves in” Elena alisema like she was talking about some school subject.
“How? There’s nothing here that will help us” Jeremy said.
“I know someone who can” Elena and she dialed a number. “Caroline, wewe busy right now?”… “Perfect, I need your help. I need wewe to get me some pick-axes. There’s some digging we have to do”… “Thank you”
Ten dakika later, ten painful dakika later, Caroline and Tyler rushed into the basement. She handed out the pick-axes. “I’m not sure what’s going on, but I thought it would be good to take Tyler with me”
Elena nodded. “Good thinking”
“So, what’s the plan?” Tyler asked serious. He looked like he was in some serious need of action.
“We have to get underneath the basement” Elena said.
Caroline wanted to ask why, but decided not to waste any time on requiring explanation.
Elena lifted up her pick-axe and let it come down on the ground.