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The sire bond theory had been floating around for weeks. I hated it. It seemed to have been dreamt up kwa malicious mashabiki to scare us, and indicate that Elena's feelings for Damon couldn't be real, and undermined the validity of the upendo triangle. 'The writers would never do that,' I thought. 'Why would they? It's taken them 4 years to work up to this point. It seems absurd that they would undo everything they've written with one fatal blow.'
The reason I hated the sire bond idea so much was that it meant Elena loved Damon as a result of some supernatural, external force; it wasn't genuine. It wasn't the culmination of 3 to four seasons of friendship au all the things they'd been through together. It dumbed down the upendo pembetatu and it seemed to also imply that Stelena were once again the producers favourite ship. I saw panic-stricken maoni from mashabiki on the wall, and usually ended up reassuring them. In my mind, there was just no way it could happen.
Let me say right out that Caroline's sire theory is far from conclusive. I think it's rather strange that if Elena HAS been sired to Damon all this time, that the signs weren't detected earlier, and haven't been zaidi apparent. After all, she hasn't manifested the unflinching loyalty, honour and gratitude to Damon that has typically been displayed kwa Klaus' hybrids. There's no sinister master/servant undertone; Elena has not in any way become subservient to him. Pick any episode in S4 and you'll see that there's just too many examples where Elena is doing what she wants, au feeling guilty for 'dirty dancing', au clashing with Damon to be influenced kwa whatever he says and does. She remains her own person, and unlike Klaus' hybrids, she has free will to do and say (and feel), as she pleases. Zap2It ametoa maoni that the sire bond makes sense of Elena's inability to drink from blood bags, but there could be another Supernatural explanation unassociated with Damon. Perhaps two doppelganger Wanyonya damu goes against the natural order of things and Elena having to drink from the vein is a consequence of that.

If Elena is sired to Damon, then it appears to be a completely different kind of bond that Klaus has with his hybrids. upendo and romantic feelings don't stem from sire bonds, and Elena's feelings for Damon were real before she became a vampire. They are not influenced, au exist because wewe are sired to someone, and as a result, I have begun to see the siring thing in a new light. The reason why I was so against it in the first place was because I thought that Elena COULDN'T be sired to Damon AND upendo him of her own accord at the SAME TIME. I assumed it had to be one au the other. For some reason, I never thought that both could happen. But why not?

Siring is apparently rare in the vampire world. But, as we have seen, Elena's feelings for Damon were intense as a human; and we all know how much he loves her. What if the sire bond occurred because of the deep connection they had before she was turned? And could it perhaps also explain why Elena's feelings for Stefan, her 'epic, one true love' as a human haven't grown since she became a vampire, but have diminished instead? It's easy to suggest that maybe - just maybe - Elena's upendo for Stefan hasn't proved to be as strong as she and they and everyone thought, but think of all the times she told him she loved him. If she loved him then, why isn't her upendo stronger now? Aren't all your emotions heightened as a newly-turned vampire? If Elena is sired to Damon, then it could explain why. Therefore, a sire bond wouldn't undermine Delena's relationship au cheapen it; it would merely strengthen what they already have. They would always share something that Stelena do not, and will never have, thereby making SE weaker and Delena stronger. It would certainly increase DE's chances of being together.

This is all just speculative at the moment. But I believe that the sire bond, whether it's real au fake is just uigizaji as another 'obstacle' for Delena to overcome. For 3 seasons, the main obstacle they faced was Stefan. Now he's been removed, and they can be together, the writers have to think of another way to wingu Delena's upendo story with doubt, and the possibility that Elena is sired to Damon, and that her feelings might not be real is a perfect way to do that. But sired au not, rest assured that Elena's upendo IS REAL. If it wasn't, the upendo pembetatu would go down the drains and Elena would have to go back to Stefan. That's too easy. It's worse than easy actually, it's cowardly. And pointless. I don't believe the writers would bother to do this at all if Delena weren't going to benefit from it in the long run. Whether Elena is sired to Damon au not, we have nothing to worry about. So relax. Because Delena is here.

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