The Grill.
Bonnie was sitting at the bar, gazing at a candle, trying to lit it with a candle.
“What are wewe doing?” Veronica asked while she dried glasses.
“Nothing” Bonnie alisema quick and she looked away from the candle.
“I’ve seen wewe before. Your Keith’s friend, right?” Veronica acted all innocent. “He told me about you. alisema wewe were such a nice girl. I hate to be the one to bring wewe the news, but he’s a little messed up in the head, so wewe might want to keep your distance”
“Really?” Bonnie asked, sipping her water. “Last time I checked wewe were the one planning on wiping out the entire Supernatural race”
Veronica rolled her eyes irritated. “Nothing goes unnoticed in this town, does it?” She leaned forward. “Last time I checked wewe chained up a vampire and tortured him. I also heard wewe had a lot of fun doing it. See, Keith’s my friend too and boy, does he upendo to talk. Especially about you”
“Yeah, I lashed out on Damon. It’s months ago. I’m not like that anymore” Bonnie replied defensive.
“I find it hard to believe wewe wouldn’t like to do it again” Veronica alisema malicious.