Damon rushed inside the hospital, carrying an unconscious Elena. He ran to the reception and asked for doctor Fell.
The woman behind the dawati waved at something behind Damon. Meredith walked quickly to them while she signaled at a nurse.
“She collapsed” Damon explained breathless. The nurse rode a stretcher to them and Damon lay Elena down on it. The nurse pushed the stretcher mbele and Damon and Meredith followed.
“What happened exactly?” Meredith asked.
“I’m not sure” Damon started slowly. “She was feeling sick and she lied down on the kitanda and Katherine was going to take her to bed, but she felt she was burning up, and so I took her in my arms and then she fainted”
He opened the room to the examination room and the nurse drove the stretcher inside. She rode the stretcher inayofuata to the kitanda and Damon moved Elena to the bed.
Meredith opened Elena’s eyes and checked them with her light. Elena squeezed her eyes and put her hands up. Then she opened her eyes and looked into Damon’s, wanting to know where she was. Then she recognized the white kanzu, koti and she looked up at Meredith. She tried to sit up, but her entire body was in agony when she did, and so she sunk down again.
“I think you’ve scared your boyfriend, Elena” Meredith alisema softly.
“I didn’t mean to” Elena muttered. “Can we go nyumbani now?” she begged Damon.
Damon looked at Meredith. “How long will it take until we know the blood results?”
“A few days” Meredith answered helpless. “But I’ll go talk to the lab staff. See if they can rush it a bit…But, regardless the results, I think it’s really just going to be a confirmation of my suspicion”