Damon to Stefan(1x03): I'll do, with your cheerleader (Elena), whatever I want
Damon to Elena(1x06): We can cut to the chase if u want, I m not going to kill u right now
Elena to Damon(1x06): Stay away from me
Damon to Elena(1x07): U confuse me for someone with remorse, none of this matters to me anymore
Elena to Stefan(1x12): That doesn't mean I trust him, its going to take a lot zaidi than a roadtrip n rescue to make me forget who Damon is n everything he's done
Damon to Stefan(1x14): I mean this sincerely, I hope Elena dies
Elena to Stefan(2x01): I hate him


Damon to Elena(2x08): I can't be selfish with u..I don't deserve wewe but my brother does
Damon to Elena(4x01): I would've saved u in a heartbeat
Damon to Stefan(4x05): I m fine with her (love her) either way
Stefan to Elena(4x06): U trust him, he gets through to u in ways that I can't
Elena(4x08): I think I m falling in upendo with him...It is real, I know what u r about to do Damon, please don't do this to me
Elena to Damon(4x09): I m just so happy to be here with u
TVD is DE's journey of trust, sacrifice n upendo and how they have changed each other n for each other. This is the real dynamic of true love