Elena had pulled up the sheets. She was getting cold. After Damon had left she’d started crying again and her face was wet from tears. Was this one of the many side effects chemo had? au was this part of the cancer?
“Hi, there” a small voice alisema from the end of the bed.
“Go away” Elena alisema with heavy voice. “I don’t want anyone to see me like this” She added as she tried to dry her eyes.
“I know, which is why I brought this” Caroline alisema secretive and she lifted a bag. She walked towards the bed. “I’m going to make wewe all pretty again. Now, make some room”
Elena sat up slowly, so Caroline could sink down on the bed. She searched in the bag. “We have lip gloss, nail polish, mascara, some eyeliner, make a choice”
Elena shrugged, not in the least caring.
“Okay, then I will choose myself” Caroline continued, trying to be cheerful for Elena’s sake. “We’ll start with your nails”
She opened the vial and dabbed the brush in it. She took Elena’s hand and began to polish her nails.
“For the record, this was Stefan’s idea” she alisema casual.
“I should’ve known. This is so typical Stefan” Elena mumbled.
“Elena, if I had known Bonnie was going to try and hurt you, I would’ve never told wewe about that tea. I believed she was trying to make amends and I wanted to give her a sekunde chance, because I thought she deserved it, but…she fooled me again” she apologized breathless, suddenly all emotional.
Elena frowned. “Caroline, hey,…I’m not blaming you. I’m not blaming Bonnie, either. This is just something that had to happen. No one could’ve foreseen this. We just have to hope that I’ll get better”
Caroline looked Elena straight in the eye. “You don’t think wewe will, do you? Tell me the truth”
Elena, who wasn’t wearing her vervain mkufu and didn’t drink vervain tea, because it would mix with the meds, answered in all honesty. “No, I don’t. I think I’m going to die. I feel weaker every day. I believe it’s a matter of days. Then I’ll be dead”
When Elena woke from her trance Caroline was gone.