Jeremy entered the building and walked straight to the training room. He found Veronica, talking with someone on the phone.
“Jack, you’re going to be so proud of me” she alisema with a slightly trembling voice. “I promise that when wewe get here there will only be humans left”
Jack alisema something in return.
“Of course I’m careful. I’m not going to fall for anyone. They took away the only person I ever cared about and they will pay for it. And anyone who’s trying to stop me, will go down with them…I have to hang. I will see wewe real soon”
She hung up, turned around and gasped, almost dropping her phone.
“What are wewe doing here? I wasn’t expecting anyone” she faltered. Jeremy had caught her off guard and she hoped he hadn’t heard too much.
“You’re the one who alisema we’re training all siku long” Jeremy pointed out.
“Yeah, well” Veronica panted. “I suddenly figured that wewe all have jobs and…and school, wewe know?”
“School’s over now” Jeremy reminded her.
“It is?” Veronica asked confused.
“I was sort of hoping I could stay here and practice a bit” Jeremy alisema slowly. “My sister Elena is having chemo. It’s a really difficult time right now”
“I imagine” Veronica replied and Jeremy detected a whiff of compassion. “Okay, wewe can stay here. I’ll go home”
Jeremy waited until he heard the door close.
“Jenna, can wewe hear me?” he called.
“Loud and clear, captain J” Jenna joked and she appeared inayofuata to him. She was holding a collection of letters, tied together with a piece of rope. “I’ve done some reading” she said, pleased with herself and waved the collection. She handed it to Jeremy, who put it in his inside pocket.
“Who’s Jack?” Jeremy asked curious.
“Ahh, Jack” Jenna commented. “Good old Jack…Honestly, I have no idea, but she calls him every siku and then tells him how it’s going. I’m starting to think he’s her boss au something”
Jeremy shook his head. “Veronica doesn’t have a boss. She acts on her own” he replied convinced.
Veronica opened the door of the building again. She realized she’d forgotten her letters. She wasn’t going anywhere without them. She walked towards her private room when she heard Jeremy talking. At first she thought he was on the phone with someone, but when she heard her own name, she became curious and came closer. Close enough to see he wasn’t on the phone.
So, he was either talking to himself…or to a ghost. Veronica was so furious she forgot about her letters, she headed straight back outside and slammed the door.
“What was that?” Jeremy startled. He looked concerned at Jenna. “Do wewe think…?”
“I think so, yes” Jenna nodded dark.