This carefully and beautifully constructed, unbiased makala has been crafted kwa @DamonsCentral on twitter.

The impending Stelena kiss is quite the topic of discussion among the TVD fandom these days..since everyone knows Delena are breaking up, there is a lot of speculation about a real kiss between stelena a possible reunnion.i am thinking maybe we won't get a kiss but if the writers want a traumatic response FROM the Delena mashabiki (post break up) they could throw in the kiss. As disaterous as that sounds there is a silver lining...Thankfully it would also be a disaster for Stefan's minion Stelena fanbase n even the Mystic gang on the onyesha because they know the kiss is the side effect of a bondage spell and even if Stelena happens they will be seperated to justify the idea of a FREE WILL for Elena. The doppelgangers can not be together long term from a storytellers point of view. I'll tell u why it will be a bad idea Its "destiny"...that concept of the universe deciding a future for twp people is very mediocre/stone aged and an incompetent prospect, Copy pasted STRAIGHT from fairytales. It could only appeal to people with a very low self esteem about themselves and Pushovers. This is a generation of dreamers that think outside the Fucking box and work toward the upendo they belive they want for themself. So the concept of upendo being written in the stars beyond free will is so cliched. Its almost stupid , unappealing and inorganic to the savvy fangirls of the writers definately know better than that. Caroline Dries is a very intelligent story teller, I don't think she would try to sell some thing that's borderline LAME! But the concept of Elena being tore apart between her moyo and a spell bound destiny is a high quality drama magnet, they will definitely use that but kwa the end of the season, I think she will be single. I also believe Caroline Dries has plans of making Steroline happen. She wants to build it up like Delena. She's taking her own sweet time to lay it out which only hints that she could be planning a different endgame for Stefan because as much as the writers want to sound politically correct saying Delena/Stelena are an equal fanbase, they are not dumb. They can't sell an unpopular prospect. Delena wins every poll...a PCA for BEST CHEMISTRY in the 5TH SEASON of the onyesha and Ian won best actor whereas Paul au Stelena didn't even make it to the nomination. Between 2012 Dec -2014 March, Delena has won 12 major kura za maoni including the "best couple of all time" whereas Stelena didn't even make it through round 4 of almost a mwezi of voting. When Delena are directly pitched against Stelena in any poll, they crush it. So Yea....these onyesha runners are aware of what works and what doesnt. But they need to always be politically correct, hence the lame interviews about "equal" shabiki bases.....BullShit!! lol ;) so Yea.....they know Stelena won't work for them. They CAN'T sell an unpopular prospect and expect to stay in profit (ratings) but thy also need to find a way to please the 30% of their fandom (Stefan Stans) so they are toying with the idea of Stelena. While they slowly seed their way into opening a new upendo story with a shabiki inayopendelewa character. Hence Caroline steps in....n Steroline will happen. So we r good ;). Let's discuss Delena now. As much as I upendo Damon, I also accept and acknowledge the personality flaws in him. But I am not a judgmental dick about his character. I accept him and upendo him unconditionally and yet I acknowledge the bad. The beauty of Damon is his ache and damage he's carrying. His baggage makes him so dysfunctional. He's driven kwa upendo and hes the architect of his destruction. Delena is fucked up...let's face it, Stelena has nothing on Delena. We beat them in every aspect of a relationship, we have been a witness to delenas true consuming love,everlasting passion acceptance understanding n lust for each other. except (I hate this part) emotional stability, we GOT IT ALL. I'll explain in depth: Stefan has a good self esteem. He grew up being the proud appreciated son. Where as Damon, was a disappointment for son and a soldier. The upendo of his human life, Katherine.. treated Damon like a toy, used him, abused him, manipulated him for 140 years only to pick Stefan. Stefan is a friend favorite. A stand up guy. Damon is the villian who is incapable of making a friend. U see where I am going with this? Damon's damage is so deep. his experiences with upendo and people left him feeling insecure,wounded and unworthy. But when he fell for Elena and she chose him as a vampire after 4 seasons of same old "I am never enough" trauma, he attached all his rejected n turmoil to her and that ONE moment of VICTORY and finally felt like he won...n he filled the shoes of her hero kwa bringing bonnie back and the sekunde Katherine rejected him as Elena all over again (5x12), his built up self image as Elena's hero got dis-positioned to a worthless rejected case again. So he fell apart and played the part of a villan everyone positions him to be. Ala Damon attaches his self image to Elena he will keep failing because he is not fixing whats broken on the inside. I like the idea of this Delena break up. I want Damon to be his own hero first, see himself in n a new light. I want Damon to come to a level of self appreciation and contentment, where he doesn't need to see himself as someone reformation project. Once Damon heals from the inside he will not just get the girl but he will have the tools to keep the girl. Nothing will send him off the deep end. He won't be a ticking bomb that Elena feels like she should manage n defend. See Delena has everything, they just need to be apart for a while and grow up.
And then their reunion will be everlasting....Elena won't feel like a masochist who manages a ticking bomb and Damon won't feel like he is unworthy of her upendo and harbor a crap load of guilt, shame and pain of self loathing of being a disappointment to her. That dynamic will be everlasting. Their upendo will have no dis-postioning obstacles anymore. So I am all for the break up right now. I am all for Damon n Elena growing up as people first n then an everlasting S6 reunion would be flawless. It will happen and DELENA is ENDGAME. I trust my unbiased observation,And most importantly i trust Caroline DRIES as a writer/producer with the progression of Delena as the absolute best OTP...dont you? its not a universal predestined fairytale from the star...its a journey of passionate everlasting upendo that bettered thrived and outlasted the best of odds.