I'm sorry but I do not believe that Nina Dobrev only signed up for six seasons of TVD. She left because of Ian & Nikki's relationship. She can say how "beautiful" their wedding was all she wants, however I'm not convinced. She dated the guy for 3 years! How can she pretend like it doesn't faze her?

A part of me is really angry with Nina for leaving the onyesha because TVD needs her, and zaidi importantly all the Delena fans. Although I can understand how difficult it must be to see the man wewe once loved to be with another woman.

I have been following the news about Nikki & Ian. Seriously, she looks so overly clingy. It's really annoying. She follows Ian everywhere. I read she was even there when they were filming TVD scenes and that's where the tension started.

I believe that if Nina and Ian were still dating, she would be still be on TVD. Yes, I am a Nian fan. Ever since I saw the first pictures of them together. They were adorable. Though Delena is definitely zaidi significant to me.