Lately I have been watching awali seasons of The Vampire Diaries to mend little pieces of my broken heart. As I did I remembered a very special thing that Damon alisema to Elena. "I will always choose you."

Interesting. I've been kusoma spoliers on the internet about season seven and both Julie Plec and Ian Somerhalder alisema that he will fall in upendo again.

So please remind me about that quote back in season two. Always? Wow, I didn't know that lasted five years. How much zaidi hurt can we take? Julie continues to mock Delena and our fanbase. Oh let's not forget that she compared Damon/Katherine to them. Her excuse for him having "fun": Damon wasn't necessarily celibate the entire time he waited for Katherine.

Excuse me? When were they ever together? And they weren't soulmates. Not then. Never.