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S&E fan's thought of why SE are perfect for each other... I have nothing against them, au the people who are mashabiki of Stelena, but this made me really rofl :D
The reason S&E are 'perfect together'

1. Stefan and Elena are freaking EPIC Freaking not! :D
2. "I know what I want. Stefan I upendo you." That makes them perfect/epic/whatever? I don't think so.
3. We met. We talked. It was EPIC.Not...
4. Have wewe seen his abs? Have wewe seen Damon's abs?
5. She trusts him She trusts Damon, too
6. He would never do anything to hurt her
7. Chemistry is nothing compared to the chemistry D&E have
8. He loves her so much Wow, this is really EPIC! *sarcasm*
9. She loves him too .. again, WOW, seriously?
10. They own dancing wrong again. D&E danced together, right? They owned the dancefloor.
11. He brang her flowers ahem... it's.. brought.. , and if a bf brings a girl flowers, it doesn't make their upendo epic...
12. She accepted that he was a vamp She accepted that Damon was a vampire, too.. duuh :D
13. She cares about Damon, but she LOVES Stefan .. for now :D
14. She believes in him She believes in Damon, too
15. They both fight for their relationship
16. He's protective of her so is Damon
17. They’ll stand kwa each other no matter what
18. He'll do anything for her So would Damon
19. They both keep a journal yay!.....
20. He told her he understood her with the words: 'you won't be sad forever'
21. Their hugs are just in another league entirely and D&E hug and the way they look at each other is another league entirely, special
22. He held her when she found out about her adoption
23. Stefan cries when Elena does ...And a crying vampire should be comforting?
24. Stefan didn't want to win Elena kwa vampire tricks but kwa her choice ...Damon didn't compel her in Atlanta....
25. Elena doesn't want Stefan to hide from her
26. Elena was ready to have a verbal knock-out with Lexi for Stefan
27. Elena wasn't afraid of Stefan when he was struggling with his blood problems
28. They trust each other with their secrets and lives ..Then why keeps Stefan lying to her?
29. Stefan chose to stay and live for Elena, instead of meeting the sun..But he considered it, not thinking about how it'd hurt Elena. That's not nice...And it sure as hell isn't epic...
30. Stefan was polite enough to NOT swali why Elena was coming out of the men's room XD that makes them epic? I doubt it,:D
31. Elena knows that Stefan is different than every other man she's known. He'd NEVER hurt her .. Ad exactly how many times are wewe gonna say that? :D
32. Because for Elena, Stefan is "passion" ..Riiiiiiight
33. He completely forgets who he is when he's around her
34. Stefan risked living in the tomb for all eternity when he heard her scream
35. She was the one thing that insured that he'd give the book
36. Because he thinks she's sexy .Ohmygosh!!!! EPiiiicccc
37. Elena gave him her blood in the books, she gave blood to Damon, too.They exchanged blood in Shadow Souls, remember?
38. She didn't die with her parents because he was there to bring her to the hospital
39. She's nothing like Katherine
40. Her ex-boyfriend even thinks Stefan is a good guy ..So? When they upendo each other, they shouldn't care about others' opinions..
41. He taught her how to live again
42. She burdens him with all her drama
43. He can pull off a suit Damon can do it better ,:D
44. Because all this is reality Actually, it isn't reality...
45. They saved each other’s lives so did Damon and Elena (car accident, Lexi's boyfriend.. ring a bell?)
46. He was around when that dance was invented So was Damon!
47. He looks out for her *getting tired here.* SO DOES DAMON
48. He wants to spend as much time around her as possible
49. Nothing can come between them oh, you're veeryy wrong. Damon has already come between them. mwahahaha :D
50. Elena invited him in she invited Damon too
51. He brings out the other side of gloomy graveyard girl Damon's the one she went to the pub with, remember? She was actually fun
52. They passed the texting part of a relationship ..Damon and Elena passed it too:D
53. Because he helped her make it through the siku ..Oh,so Stefan was the one who saved her from the car accident and took her to Atlanta, to step away from her life for 5 minutes...Riiiight...
54. She wants a break from ALL vampires...except him ..She just didn't mention Damon,, wewe know, since it would freak Stefan out..:D
55. Because not even Damon can get in the way of their upendo You're SO FRICKIN' wrong here :D hee-hee
56. They make each other smile
57. Stefan fights for Elena *sigh* So does Damon :)
58. Because Elena is very interested in what Stefan did in all those years being a vampire XD
59. Lexi knew that their upendo for each other would 'at the end of the day..conquer all'
60. When she was pure & childlike, Stefan refused to take advantage of her (books)
61. He cared for her with all his heart&soul when she had no sense of self (books)
62. Elena alisema yes, when Stefan proposed (books)
63. They touched each other's soul the first time they kissed
64. Stefan loved Elena as a human,vampire,spirit,spiritual child and as a human again. (books)
65. Elena wasn't embarrassed about mouthing 'I upendo you' to Stefan in the Grille in public & Stefan wasn't embarrassed at saying it back why would they be embarrassed anyway?
66. Stefan was totally chill about Elena talking about the past on their double-date with Maroline
67. Elena was ready to rush in a burning building after Stefan so he would be okay Damon was in there too ..
68. Elena dresses Stefan as Dracula he finds it amusing (books)
69. He nearly killed Tyler for attempting to rape Elena (books)
70. Because they make morning sex look tasty
71. Elena's whole world fell apart when she thought Stefan had left her (books)
72. They make theme-dances look romantic, fun, sexy, cute, hot all at the same time yeah, right.
73. Stefan's so proud of Elena for defending herself against Noah he feels he should've been there (books)
74. All her Marafiki can see what they have is special
75. Because even Meredith ships them XD (books)
76. Because Nina is Team Stelena
Yeah, right. :D She's actually Team Defan ;)
77. tptb admit the onyesha is about the 'EPIC upendo story of Stefan and Elena'
78. Paul is Team Stelena and believes Stelena should be endgame
79. Elena's soul found Stefan's even though he was in captivity (books)
80. Elena made it clear that she's Stefan's girl
81. She was trying to save him & when telling him not to kill Damon for Lexi's murder Because she didn't want Damon dead (hee-hee-hee)
82. Elena is the woman Stefan loves NOT Katherine
83. Even with dimensions between them, Elena couldn't keep away (books)
84. Because Stefan was there with Elena when she met Isobel for the first time
85. Because Stefan treats Jeremy like his own little brother
86. Elena DID sneak Stefan into her room
87. Even when on a blood-rampage Stefan couldn't bring himself to hurt Elena
88. Stefan didn't want to force Elena into getting together again when they broke up
89. He just wanted to be there for her
90. Stelena makes a vervain charm look romantic, sexy, and hot ..Exaggerating muchh? :D
91. Elena totally loves the fact Stefan is a sensitive, non-hormonal jock
92. Stefan KILLED to protect Elena ... Damon threatened to rip Isobel to pieces,
93. Stefan saved her in the car crash ...Damon saved her, too
94. Stefan stayed in MF to "know her" aka Elena
95. Screw Damon...he cant get in the way of there upendo <3 *sigh* Screw Stefan. Damon is the best, at least he doesn't lie,
96. They BELONG together ..wrong.:D
97. He saw the real her even when Klaus made her look like dust (books)
98. He put aside all his hatred for Damon when Elena asked him to (books)
99. He was willing to let her go to save her life.
100. Elena talked him out of suicide.
101. Elena is warm and kind and that makes S&E perfect???!!! :D
102. They upendo each other unconditionaly
103. They're just meant to be nope *kinda tired of denying all these stuff*:D
104. Because as far as Elena&Stefan are concerned history will NOT repeat itself But it will :D
105. Elena doesn't want him to hide the broken parts of himself
106. They are light to each other's soul
107. They can never be JUST Marafiki
108. Elena knows she doesn't need any protecting from Stefan Um... Episodes 1x18 and 1x19???
109. She mouths off at Damon for Stefan
110. She runs into a house full of Wanyonya damu for Stefan
111. Elena broke Stefan's moyo only kwa breaking her own
112. Stefan gives Elena space for sibling time
113. Stefan understands her responsibilities
114. Stefan makes Elena feel sexy even when she doesn't herself
115. they both have sex dreams about each other XD nope, and it's not even funny... (IMO)
116. To her, Stefan IS the better looking brother .. And whe exactly did she say that, huh? :D
117. Stefan ran into the tomb, and trapped himself when he heard Elena's scream
118. They can face anything together.
119. He was her beloved and her lover in the purest sense imaginable.(books) "Damon was the fiery breath beneath her wings. However far she went, Damon seemed to lure her on just a little farther"
120 Living without Stefan would be like trying to live without her heart.(books)
121. Nina alisema that Stefan is just so perfect.("Stefan offers committed upendo and devotion. He's just so perfect." -Nina Dobrev)
122. Stefan will never scare off Elena.
123. As much as Stefan believes he deserves death, he can't resist Elena, he can't abandon her. No matter how much Elena tries to hate Damon, she can't, and even Damon can't leave Elena. If he didn't care for her, he would've left town after finding out that Katherine never cared about him
124. Elena loves every side of Stefan, no matter how far he pushes her away.
125. Life without Stefan isn't really a life that she wants to live.(Julie Plec)
126. He was like a part of her mind that was constantly on fire, like a phantom limb that would never go away. (books)
127. Their destiny lies within each other's souls.
128. Stefan and Elena were already a sort of legend in the town, like Romeo and Juliet. (books)
129. Her upendo had healed him. And that was when he knew they could never be apart. (books)
130. Because they look SO good together I disagree.(again):D
131. Their faces light up each time they see each other
132. Elena wanted Stefan so bad she made Meredith&Bonnie swear a blood oath that he'd only be hers (books) Damon signed the oath too, saying 'Elena is mine'
133. Because they did that thing where Elena was tucked up in kitanda & Stefan rang to check up on her
134. Stefan took a "risk" staying in MF for Elena
135. Stefan gets along with Elena's ex ...Wow... epic... *sarcasm*
136. They'd never stop fighting for each other
137. Elena kissed Stefan's vamp face, lovingly, completely unafraid and accepting
138. They are a part of each other
139. When Elena was angry with Stefan for trying to leave her, she admitted her mistake of being 'harsh'
140. Because "passionate" is their middle name!
um... i don't think so :D
141. Their connection is undeniable *sigh again* I don't know what to say anymore.
142. He can see into her soul
143. Because she opened up to him.
144. He'll fight to the death for her
So will Damon,
145. She is his, and he always wants only her.
146. He is fully in upendo with her
147. He wants to devote his life and existence to her ..Jeez, that's a little melodramatic, don'tyou think?
148. Because they have this connection she doesn't understand "He touches something deep inside me that makes me shiver - a part of myself even I don't understand." She's talking about Damon here.
149. Because he wants to take care of her Actually, as hard as it is to believe it, so does Damon
150. Something always brings me back to you
151. wewe touch me for a little while and all my fragile strength is gone
152. He'll do anything to protect her
153. They are the perfect pair *sigh* no, they are not :D
154. When i'm in your arms, its the place i call home
155. They're a work in progress... they'll figure it out
156. Their chemistry burst through the screen Ha -ha ,thanks for the joke
157. He makes her smile...Really?
158. Because she won't be sad any longer with him around
159. Because they make each other feel alive again
160. They both have Lost people So has Damon, duh?
161. We could feel their connection I couldn't feel anything... ?
162. Their story is just beginning ..of Damon & Elena's real upendo story, yeah :D
163. For the first time in a while, she is alive
Because their talk was epic She is alive because their talk was 'epic'? Otherwise she'd be dead? Oh,yeah, right...
164. Their kisses spit fireworks ....Um...Ew?
165. He has waited an eternity for her. I thought he spent the eternity crying over Katherine?
166. Because True upendo Stories never have endings. That isn't true love, my friend,
167. their destiny lies within each other's souls.
168. This is the start of a grand upendo affair which will never end. *sigh* This is the fifth(almost) time wewe say a statement like that...
169. Elena has finally found the passion she never had with Matt And with Damon, she found the passion she never felt with Stefan :D
170. Their reunion is the most anticipated thing since their breakup
171. Every time I try to tell her how I feel it comes out I upendo wewe And that's why it has Lost it's meaning for them. It's just like saying 'hi' . nothing special
172. You're the Angel who believes in me like nobody else That's exactly what Damon could say, Elena is the only one who believes in Damon, while everyone else pushes him away..
173. When everything is made is to be broken, I just want wewe to know who I am.
174. She is the light to his darkness Elena is the light to Damon's darkness, too
175. They fill up every empty spot in each other, every hole, every space. They complete each other. D&E, yes?
176. Because everyone knew they were meant for each other. Everyone 'knew', now everyone knows D&E are meant for each other.:D
177. He will follow her to death, to be where she is
178. she ripped through his defences, exposing his very soul
179. He wanted her to know him for what he was ..Yeah, but he still lied to her, over and over again... Lying doesn't make a relationship epic, au does it? Ha-Ha:D
180. Because they kick Edward and Bella's butts
181. "For over a century I have lived in secret. I know the risk, but I have to know her."
182. She was drowning in her pain before he came along

The maoni I made are just bila mpangilio :) I just had to put it here, I know it's lame au whatever, it's just most of the time these statements are wrong, au alisema many many times :D made me laugh...
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People keep saying that if Damon and Elena become a couple; Stefan and Damon's relationship as brothers will always be broken. My alternative ending to The Vampire Diaries below, shows otherwise.

Damon returns to Stefan after talking to Elena.

Stefan: She chose you.. Right?

Damon: Yes, I'm sorry brother.

Stefan: Don't be. wewe deserve her zaidi than I do.

Damon: No, I don't. I've done so many things, just to hurt her.

Stefan: You're wrong, Damon. She's the girl you've always loved.
If there's someone she needs and should be with, it's you.

Damon: I'm happy she chose me but it doesn't feel right.

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