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Elena was sitting at the living table, uandishi a letter. Damon was trying to reach Caroline, to get zaidi information about the herbs she’d been providing for Elena. Elena was so focused on her letter that she didn’t hear Damon come in.
“I can’t reach her” he alisema apologizing. “I’ll try again in a few minutes”
“You don’t have to worry her” Elena alisema soft as she folded the letter. She stood up with the intention to put the letter in her purse.
“What’s that?” Damon nodded suspiciously at the letter.
“Just some scrabbles” Elena lied and Damon jerked the letter out...
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posted by HaleyDewit
“You’re too kind”
Even if his current state Damon found the strength to be sarcastic. “Can I ask wewe something? Why did wewe have to bring Stefan into this?”
“Oh, Stefan. Good, old Stefan” Bonnie sighed. “It’s not like he was involved right from the beginning. When Katherine pretended to be Elena and Stefan brought her to the hospital after taking some sleeping pills, I told Stefan there was a way to bring the real Elena back instead of waiting for it to happen”
“And that involves torturing me?” Damon asked.
“No, that’s just for fun” Bonnie alisema shameless.
“And me...
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posted by HaleyDewit
It was as if it was open day. After Stefan had treated Bonnie with a visit it was now Jeremy’s turn. He was standing on her doorstep and hadn’t decided whether he would persist au just turn around again when the door opened and Bonnie appeared. “How long are wewe going to stand here? au were wewe just admiring my door?” she alisema a little short.
“Fine, I’m leaving” Jeremy alisema annoyed. He turned around and wanted to walk away, but Bonnie grabbed his arm, making him turn around again. “I’m sorry” she apologized. “You want to come in?” she offered.
“Sure” Jeremy said...
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The inayofuata morning.
Pretty much the entire population of Mystic Falls was gathered outside the Lockwood Mansion. Sheriff Forbes was standing on a small stage, behind a microphone. She was saying some nice words about Tyler.
Carol sat on the front row, Caroline inayofuata to her. Caroline’s face was wet from tears, but Carol hadn’t shed a single tear yet. The pain was too deep for tears to take it away.
“Mind if I sit here?” a British voice asked. Caroline recognized it, but didn’t look up. She nodded and Klaus sat down.
“It’s really sad, isn’t it?”
Without looking at him Caroline mumbled:...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Katherine ran to Fell’s church and climbed down. Rebekah had grabbed the phone out her hands and told her how stupid she was.
“They’re using wewe to find that witch, wewe idiot!” she had snapped.
Katherine hurried to the tomb and opened it. “Get out” she alisema to the weak Bonnie, who was lying close to the door. Katherine grabbed her hand and Bonnie shrieked. It was the hand with the hurt finger. “Come on, get out. I need to songesha you” Katherine alisema agitated. She dragged her out of the tomb, ignoring her cries.
But as soon as Bonnie was out of the tomb Katherine felt two hands on her shoulders that pushed her forward. She fell and turned around to see Caroline helping Bonnie stand up. “What the hell are wewe doing?” she asked. Caroline looked up. “I can ask wewe the same question” she fired back. She bit her wrist and forced Bonnie to feed, so her wounds would heal. “Come on, I’ll bring wewe home”
“Where is that?” Bonnie asked depressed.
i have greater idea.this is for DELENA mashabiki of course. What if damon's life is in danger (of course because of someone who hates him) then he got a terrible wound. And at his room,he was still not waking up and elena was panicked. Bonnie tries her to calm down then bonnie is suspicious that elena is not concern for damon as a friend but….the elena confessed to bonnie that she can't understand what was her feeling and she doesn't want to be like katherine that fell in upendo with both brothers. Stefan heard those confession as he was only outside damon's room and quietly hearing those confession. He can't get mad to elena because he's hiding something else since before….. He's just compelling elena's upendo and damon was her really love.. what do wewe think?
posted by storyteller13
Damon arrived at Elena's room to check on her.
It has been a long time since she hasn´t seen Stefan, and Damon is worried that Elena has been taking it a little to good. Although ahe hasn´t done anything to herself yet, he could feel her sufering in the inside.

Damon sat on Elena's bed. He can hear the water going from the other room and so He lays on the kitanda and thinks about what he´s going to say. While he awaits Elena's return he difts off to sleep. Elena turns off the water and gets out. Elena got a towell and dries off her face. She has been washing her teeth thinking about every stefan...
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I lay on my kitanda staring at the ceiling. Today had been…“fun”, as Damon had put it, but fun all apart from Stefan’s sudden reappearance at the completely wrong moment. It wasn’t that I wasn’t a little happy to see him again, I was. But the fact that he came back just after Damon and I had had…you know. And the fact that he’d fed on human blood. What had swayed him to the dark side? Lexi? I had to know. But he had gone when he’d begun to tell me what had happened. And who had he killed? It couldn’t have been someone close to me, I would have noticed if they were gone for a...
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posted by yasmeen40
Chapter Title : I Give wewe Pain & Pleasure

Triple Shot - i own NOTHING of TVD

I need a mintute just to get to wewe , I feel like I might be getting through

Come over and say Nothing , Silence is everything

( Aly & Aj – Silence )

The morning came too early for Damon 'cause he knew his answer would announced realy soon , probably today knowing how stubborn Elena can be .

After showering and getting ready , he heard a knock on on his door he thought ( WoW ! she wants her majibu very badly I see )

He decided against wearing the pants and shati in his hand and just greeting her in his black boxers...
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posted by LexisFaith
this is in stefan's pove, but it thought the whole reasoning fit with this.

I laid back on my bed, shoving my palms into my eyes, to try and stop the tears. Despite my efforts, tears seaped through and soaked my hair and pillow.

Just a week ago, Elena was laying beside me, bringing light into my old battered room. She was running her fingers though my hair, telling me how everything would work out. She was kissing me with her soft lips telling me how I was the only one she loved.

I believed her, but somewhere deep inside me, I knew it was all...
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Damon rushed inside the hospital, carrying an unconscious Elena. He ran to the reception and asked for doctor Fell.
The woman behind the dawati waved at something behind Damon. Meredith walked quickly to them while she signaled at a nurse.
“She collapsed” Damon explained breathless. The nurse rode a stretcher to them and Damon lay Elena down on it. The nurse pushed the stretcher mbele and Damon and Meredith followed.
“What happened exactly?” Meredith asked.
“I’m not sure” Damon started slowly. “She was feeling sick and she lied down on the kitanda and Katherine was going to take...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Elena gazed upon Damon’s face. She gave him a soft kiss on his lips and stood up then. She walked to the doorway and leaned against the open door.
Damon opened his eyes and sat up when he saw Elena lurking at him. “What are wewe looking at?” he smirked.
“I’m looking at my boyfriend” Elena smiled mischievous. “The one I had great makeup sex with. Though I did most of it”
Damon raised his eyebrows. “Are wewe kidding?” Elena shook her head. “No. I mean wewe were just lying there” she opened her satin dressing kanzu, gown and revealed a blue bra and matching panties. “Want to give...
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Again im not a writer im just so in upendo with the couple that all i can do is think of them in different scenes

This is part 2 of the school party upendo (the inayofuata day)

After what had happened last night with damon i was unsure how to approach stefan, i felt gulity like i had done something wrong, i lay in my kitanda wide awake and kept thinking about how to put what i feel for damon into words and going over and over in my head the passion of last night. My phone began to ring

"Hello?" i alisema as my moyo began to race
"Hi i just wanted to know if wewe got nyumbani salama last night"
"yeah" he said...
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I am not a writer so please be nice and i know im not good at spelling au setting it out but its because im uandishi this on notepad.

"Elena keep an eye damon" alisema a voice in the background I turned around it was caroline. I had gone to the school party where i had intended to go with stefan but of course if one brother goes the other one has to follow.

"Damon" I shouted as he tried hitting on bonnie "if your going to be here i want wewe on your best behaviour" he turned and laughed.
stefan had gone to get me a drink and left me with damon after we had gone to georgia i could stand to be around...
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My eyes flickered open. Had it all been a dream? Had it not worked? I took a deep breath of air and let it fill my lungs before exhaling again. I felt strange, and hungry. I was desperate for food. I sat up and saw Bonnie curled up in the corner of the tomb. I could hear her crying. I went to comfort her, but something beside me caught my eye. Damon was crouched over Katherine, sobbing. Why was he crying over Katherine? Wait…hadn’t I been lying there before the spell…? And Katherine hadn’t been wearing the same clothes as me…I looked down and saw that I was now wearing Katherine’s...
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posted by bdavis98
this is for all the delena doubters out there i'm telling wewe now to stop it,stop giving up hope and stop complainning about every stelena scene just stop it

i mean Seroiusly wewe are wayying about any stelena scene i know it sucks,and that they so freaking chessy and i know after watching their so called "epic" upendo wewe want to throw up and give up on delena but don't wewe dare.

bamon mashabiki have zaidi faith than us can wewe belive it wewe know that CRAZY, ship that NEVER HAPPEND IN THE vitabu AND WILL NEVER HAPPEN IN TV yes those mashabiki have zaidi faith than us.

us the delena mashabiki who have had some amazing...
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posted by damonandelena99
hujambo this is my story on elena and damon, i am not a writer so please be nice WARNING NOT FOR YOUNG READERS AND BASED ON THE TV SERIES

damon and elena are at her house as jeremy has diserpeared and stefan has gone to look for him leaving damon to look after elena (what a goos idea)

damon sat quitely in the corner like he was blocking out the rest of the world, i looked at him
all i got to see was his dark sudictive eyes which made my knees weaken. He slowly turned his head
and began to speak, all i wanted was to hear his voice but he froze, i knew i had to do something make the first move.
I began...
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Ok this is my first makala written kwa me so it might be writtern badly based on point of view of a guy. Go easy on me.

The upendo pembetatu between Damon/Elena/Stefan is yes at the moment getting really really old and frustrating based on that from what I've seen and how other have pointed out and hate and really want to see stopped. Damon is always shafted kwa Elena because she is forever choosing "saint" Stefan as I have seen people call him and never even gives Damon a chance. Damon always has to try harder to gt Elena's attention and approval for everything he does and gets beaten down for...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Night came in and stars enlightened the scene Damon and Elena were in. Damon fed Elena his last fry. Elena bit of half of it, took the rest and fed it Damon. Then they both lay down on the ground.
“I think I could stay here forever” Elena sighed.
“I hear you” Damon agreed.
“You know this place, don’t you? wewe knew exactly where to go” Elena said.
“I had a job here” Damon said.
Elena’s eyes bulged. “You used to work?” she exclaimed.
“Well, actually Stefan had the job” Damon clarified. “I was there just to annoy Stefan”
“Damon?” Elena asked.
“Mm?” Damon said....
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posted by yasmeen40
Okay ...... This episode should've came with an EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER ALERT !! watch at your own risk .
And I mean everything , I obviously upendo kluas - Rebekkah Klaus -Stefan scenes .
Oh remember that ring that EVERYONE loves to take off Jeremy's hands ?! soo season 2 ( no offense Klaus ) .
the hunter scenes at the end were just plain GROSS , And what does that shane guy has to do with the hunter being in mystic falls ?
could it be that he's one of the five too ??

I KINDA HATE BONNIE AT THE MOMENT , And I'm sure all DE family know why , I'm confused here like WTF is wrong with Elena .. It's...
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