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posted by HaleyDewit
Jeremy was standing in front of Bonnies house. Caroline had told him about the party tonight and he planned on offering to escort Bonnie to it. Part of him alisema ‘Screw her, dude. She dumped wewe to hook up with Damon Salvatore, the dick that killed you’, but another, much louder part said: ‘You still upendo her and despite what she’s done wewe want to give her another chance. She would do the same for you’
But after knocking several times he understood his ex wasn’t home. He considered going back home, then figured it wouldn’t hurt if he just waited inside. And so he opened the door...
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posted by HaleyDewit
If looks could kill Bonnie would’ve been dead right now. She, Elena and Caroline had just finished lunch and they were now walking through the shopping street. Elena had been shooting dirty glances at Bonnie all day, but Caroline was too busy talking to notice. au so they thought.
“You have to keep your eyes on the onyesha window, not on Bonnie” Caroline alisema a little annoyed. “You’re not wearing her tonight, Elena”
Elena shrugged and jerked her eyes from Bonnie. The inayofuata moment she let out a shriek. Caroline and Bonnie jumped up and looked at Elena, who was pointing at a dress in a...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Matt banged on the door and Tyler stumbled out of bed.
“I’m coming!” he shouted. He walked to the front door and as soon as he opened he saw a fist aiming for his face. The inayofuata moment he lay on the ground, Matt standing over him.
“What the hell?” Tyler muttered, touching his nose.
“Stay away from Caroline” Matt alisema threatening.
“What the hell are wewe talking about?” Tyler alisema as he scribbled up and his nose was healing.
“She told me wewe were with her” Matt alisema shaking.
“Where?...Oh” Tyler started to understand. “Look, Matt, it’s not what wewe think. It’s not...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Morning came in, but Elena was too tired to get up. It had been 4 am when she had fallen asleep and even then it was a restless night. However she felt a sudden weight on her kitanda and a shadow covering her face.
She opened her eyes and stared in Damon’s face. She was awake right away. She sat up and threw her arms around Damon.
“You’re alive!” she cried. She held onto him like she would never let go.
“Yeah, some cop helped me” Damon said. “I had to compel him, though. He wanted me to go to the hospital”
“I wanted to go find you” Elena said, letting go of Damon. “But Stefan...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Damon got up and pulled Elena up. He brought her to edge of the roof where he looked down. He looked back at Elena. “Do wewe trust me?” he asked, reaching out his hand. This time Elena didn’t hesitate. “Of course I trust you” She lay her hand in his and Damon lifted her in his arms. He stepped on the edge and jumped. They landed soft on the ground and after holding Elena in his arms a few sekunde he put her down. Elena stared at his lips as if she had to restrain herself from kissing them.
Then everything happened really fast. Damon gasped and his eyes bulged. Someone grabbed Elena’s...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Night came in and stars enlightened the scene Damon and Elena were in. Damon fed Elena his last fry. Elena bit of half of it, took the rest and fed it Damon. Then they both lay down on the ground.
“I think I could stay here forever” Elena sighed.
“I hear you” Damon agreed.
“You know this place, don’t you? wewe knew exactly where to go” Elena said.
“I had a job here” Damon said.
Elena’s eyes bulged. “You used to work?” she exclaimed.
“Well, actually Stefan had the job” Damon clarified. “I was there just to annoy Stefan”
“Damon?” Elena asked.
“Mm?” Damon said....
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posted by HaleyDewit
Katherine was sitting on Caroline’s bed, a blood bag in her hand. Her stomach was healed and she was wearing one of Caroline’s tops. When she had finished the bag she gave it back to Caroline.
“Thank you” she said, though it took her quite some effort. They heard a car park. “I think your mother’s home”
Liz had been working really late. Caroline walked to the window and shoved the curtains. “No, it’s not mom” she rotated her head to the bed. “It’s Matt”
Katherine nodded and got up. “Yeah, I need to go nyumbani anyway”
“No, wewe can stay” Caroline said. “I’ll just...
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posted by HaleyDewit
The Salvatore Boarding House
Stefan was sitting in the kitanda between two young women.
“You want to hear a secret?”
The women stared at him as if he was a god and they nodded.
“I’m actually not supposed to be here” Stefan said. “I’m supposed to go find my girlfriend who’s hooking up with my brother. But truth is, I’m too emotionally damaged to function right now. I have to recharge first”
He looked from one girl to the other. “So, what’s the deal with wewe two? You’re some hot lesbian couple?”
“No, we’re friends” the woman on Stefan’s right side said.
“Hmm” Stefan...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Caroline rushed into the hospital to the reception room. “Where’s Elena?”
The woman looked up. “Can I help you?” she asked calm.
“Where’ my friend? Elena Gilbert?” Caroline repeated agitated. “She’s supposed to be here. She overdosed”
The woman looked through her files. “Elena Gilbert” she mumbled in herself. “Oh” she alisema when she found the file she was looking for. She looked up at Caroline. “Maybe it’s best if wewe talk to the doctor first”
But Caroline had no interest in talking to any doctor. She leaned mbele and pierced her stare into the woman’s...
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To start yes I'm a hard core delena & Damon & Elena fan, I upendo these two as couple and indavule characters ,and yes I hate Stefan but what I'm about to say is beside the point . plz don't bash and Stefan mashabiki be honest for once and don't try to say all the good things your Stefan did ok plz

Ok so the reasons why I upendo Damon zaidi than Stefan are so MANY, but one of the things that makes me upendo him is something nobody can deny, and that's how Damon COVERS for Stefan unlike Stefan he doesn't. all summer long he followed/kept track of Stefan and HIS victims WHEN HE STILL WAS NOT COMPALLED...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Carol Lockwood walked into Tyler’s room, who was sitting on his bed, his iPod in his ears. She walked to the kitanda and threw a collection of photographs on it. Tyler put out his earphones and looked at the photographs. “What is this?” he asked, pretending to be dumb.
“I found this in our mail. There was a note with it. ‘Dear Mrs. Lockwood, you’re son’s a werewolf. Have a nice day’” Carol said. “Who is this person, Tyler?”
Tyler shrugged, uigizaji careless, but doing his best to avoid his mother’s eyes. “Just some dude who needs to get laid really soon”
“These are pictures...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Katherine licked her mouth, looking as if she craved for more, which was most likely the case. She gave Bonnie such a provocative stare Bonnie wanted to grab her throat and squeeze it so hard her head would fall off. Instead she alisema to Stefan, her eyes on Katherine: “Stefan? Go home. Think about how you’re going to do what I told you”
“I think I better stay here” Stefan alisema slowly. Bonnie seemed to be too raged to be left alone. This wasn’t like her. And he didn’t want to leave her with Katherine being in the state she was.
“I can handle myself very well, Stefan” Bonnie...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Damon and Elena were driving into the night.
“Where we going?” Elena asked curious. His eyes kept on the road Damon replied: “Remember when I took wewe to Georgia?”
Elena gasped. “We’re going to Bree’s Bar?” she asked excited.
“No” Damon said. “Bree’s Bar is gone. But there’s another place I’d like to take you”
He drove further for another twenty minutes. Then he parked the car on a parking lot of a restaurant. A very closed restaurant.
“Damon, what are we doing here?” Elena asked confused.
“Are wewe hungry?” Damon asked with a smirk.
“Yes” Elena said....
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posted by HaleyDewit
The doctor came outside and Stefan and Bonnie got up. “How is she?” Stefan asked afraid. The doctor bowed his head. “I’m truly sorry” he said. “We did everything we could, but we couldn’t save her”
Stefan Lost his balance and Bonnie helped him sit down.
“Can we see her?” Bonnie asked. The doctor nodded. “Do wewe think you’re able to see her right now?” she asked Stefan. Stefan nodded. “Yeah, I have to” he alisema and he got up. They walked into the room and shut the door. The nurse was still in there, cleaning up. Stefan walked to the kitanda and held Katherine’s hand....
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posted by HaleyDewit
Stefan ran into the hospital, Katherine in his arms. “Somebody help me! My girlfriend’s sick”
A doctor came running, while a nurse followed him with a stretcher. Stefan lay her down on it. “What happened?” the doctor said, while he rode the stretcher to an examination room. “She OD’d on some pills” “Do wewe know what pills? What kind?” the doctor continued. “Sleeping pills” Stefan hastily said. “I didn’t catch the name, though” He looked at the doctor. “She’ll be okay, right?”
“We’ll empty her stomach, but it’s important for us to know what pills she...
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posted by HaleyDewit
7.40 pm
Katherine watched Elena jumping into Damon’s car and Damon driving away. She knew now was her turn and an evil grin appeared on her face. She stuck her hand in her pocket and conjured a box named Sonata, which she had swiped from Jeremy.
“Elena got what?”
Stefan and Katherine turned around. Jeremy was standing in the doorway of the kitchen.
“Jeremy, please let me explain. But not here. Let’s go to the jikoni were we can talk in private” Stefan alisema and he went into the kitchen, Jeremy following him. Katherine, however, stayed behind. While Stefan filled Jeremy in on what...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Elena and Bonnie were sitting outside the Grill, both having a lemonade, when both their phones rang.
“Bonnie” Bonnie said.
“Hello, Elena speaking” Elena said, trying not to give away anything and hoping Bonnie would be too caught up in her own conversation.
“It’s time” Damon said. “Meet me at the Boarding House. I’ll be in the car” He ended the conversation.
And so did Bonnie. “Elena, I’m so sorry, but I have to go” she apologized.
“Oh?” Elena alisema sheepish.
“Yeah, I’m having a tarehe tonight” Bonnie blushed.
“Really? That’s great! Who’s the lucky one?” Elena fired her curiosity.
“Ehm, I rather not say. At least not until it’s official” Bonnie said.
“Of course, I get it” Elena said. Bonnie put some money on the table. “See wewe tomorrow?”
“Yeah, tell me all that happened” Elena waved as Bonnie walked away. The moment she was gone Elena jumped up and ran away as if she was being chased.
posted by HaleyDewit
Damon’s phone rang, while Katherine was standing inayofuata to him, her hair straight. Bonnie had called Elena to go to The Grill to ‘have a drink’.
“Yes?” Damon alisema smooth.
“Damon?” Caroline asked.
“No, the pope” Damon sarcastically replied. Caroline sighed. “You’re sooo funny! Anyways, are wewe busy now?”
“Ehm, depends, why?” Damon asked.
“I might have a little something in store for you” Caroline alisema mischievous.
“Oh oh, should I worry?” Damon asked. Caroline laughed. “No, not at all” she reassured him. “It involves my house, dinner, you, Elena…You get...
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posted by overtherainbow4
"Everyday I'm with you, it's like my world is upside down. The only thing tying me to it is you. Elena, I don't know how to describe my upendo for you..." Damon looked into the mirror. It was time. He'd told Elena he loved her, and now he'd tell her once again. This upendo pembetatu couldn't go on any longer, for his forbidden upendo was dragging him down the path of insanity.
With a regretful glance at his car, Damon knocked on the door. He ruffled the bouquet of red and white roses in his hand. There was no answer, just Elena’s car parked in the driveway. Something was wrong.
Running like a maniac,...
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posted by HaleyDewit
“Can wewe repeat…basically everything wewe just said?”
Katherine told Damon what she heard in Caroline’s room.
“You spied on my friends. That’s rude” Elena alisema shocked.
“That’s not the point, Elena” Damon said, raising his hand to silence her. “Are they really going to try to set me up with that piece of nothing?”
“Hey, those are my best Marafiki you’re talking about” Elena alisema upset.
“Elena, shush” Katherine alisema as if she was talking to a dog. She looked back at Damon. “Caroline will call wewe at 7pm and she will tell wewe that Elena wants to meet wewe at her...
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