Damon & Elena Your juu 10 Delena Moments Off Each Season?

RachaelF8 posted on Oct 01, 2011 at 08:00PM
I just created this forum because I'm curious of what your favourite scenes are off season 1 and 2?
I'll start off...
Season 1:
1.Miss Mystic Falls Dance...obvious choice:)
2.1X14 'We have something...an understanding' 'I'm trusting you, don't make me regret it.'
3. Miss Mystic Falls end scene, Damon sitting with Elena.
4.1x14 Hug.
5. Damon saving Elena in 1x11 and carrying her.
6. 1x06 'It matters and you know it.' Slap!
7.'Can I trust him?' 'Yes, you can trust him.' 1x13 kitchen scene.
8. 'I'm sorry...you lost her too.' 1x03.
9. The face stroke in 1x03 completely contradicting Stefan's voice over.
10. 'You can trust me.'1x21:)

Season 2:
1. 'I love you, Elena. And it's because I love you that I can't be selfish with you...' Another obvious one, but it's almost a tie between this and the next one.
2. 'I like you now...just the way you.'and kiss 2x22<3
3. 'I will always choose you.' 2x19.
4. The almost punch in 2x10.
5. Damon taking an arrow in the back for Elena in 2x03.
6. The hug in 2x13.
7. The fight up against the cave wall in 2x10...one word HOT!
8.The dance in 2x19.
9. The looks in the graveyard at 2x21 with John's voice over.
10. Damon trying to stake Caroline but stopping immediately once Elena stepped forward and Elena saving him from Bonnie's mind-fire thing.
10. 'Thank you.' 'You're welcome.' in 2x08.

So tell me what yours are. This was pretty hard for me since ever Delena moment is my favourite:D

 I just created this foramu because I'm curious of what your favourite scenes are off season 1 and 2?
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