Damon & Elena Damon And Elena ikoni Contest! (Closed)

Damon_Rocks posted on May 27, 2010 at 09:26PM
I'll Name An Episode And You Post An Icon From The Episode And When I Have 6+ Icons I'll Make Pick To Vote On The Best!

It Has To Be Damon And Elena.
You Have To Make It.

Have Fun!

Round 1: 1x11 Bloodlines (Winner: star2894)
Round 2: 1x19 Miss Mystic Falls (Winner: Kirkir)
Round 3: 1x18 Under Control (Winner: shankii)
Round 4: 1x14 Fool Me Once (Winner: Klema)
Round 5: 1x2 Night Of The Comet (Winner: Nibylandija)
Round 6: 1x17 Let The Right One In (Winner: Nibylandija)
Round 7: 1x13 Children Of The Damned (Winner: Immortal_Kiss)
Round 8: 1x15 A Few Good Men (Winner: Nibylandija)
Round 9: 1x3 Friday Night Bites (Winner: shankii)
Round 10: 1x20 Blood Brothers (Winner: shankii)
Round 11: 1x4 Family Ties (Winner: shankii)
Round 12: 1x21 Isobel (Winner: shankii)
Round 13: 1x7 Haunted (Winner: shankii)
Round 14: 1x6 Lost Girls (Winner: shankii)
Round 15: 1x22 Founder's Day (Winner: shankii)
Round 16: 1x8 162 Candles (Winner: shankii)
Round 17: 1x12 Unpleasantville (Winner: willow96)
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