Damon & Elena Best word(s) to describe contest! {Round twelve}

katie15 posted on Jul 04, 2010 at 02:02PM
I thought we should have a best word(s) contest to describe different Delena scenes, as I think it would be a good idea and it has seen to be successful in other spots.

The rules:

1) Can only use up to five words.
2) Can't repeat what other people have already said.
3) Have 5 days to submit your entry.
4) One entry per person.
5) Please don't comment on people's entries or start conversations in this thread, as it is purely to submit entries and when I have to add people's entries to the pick, it's harder for me to see whether someone has posted an entry or not and I could miss someone out.
6) Winner will get a prop from me and will appear on the winner list ;)

link epicdelena4ever - undisclosed desires
link Jessica4695 - unexpected understanding
link shannon9396: Humanity in him
link "Doesn't it always come down to the love of a woman?", as they discuss the past. bella92: Heart-breaking truth
link Nibylandija: Undeniable eye-sex!
link looking for Stefan, but sees Damon instead. xIXIxRSBxIXIx: A date with destiny
link a bleeding Elena to leave before he loses control? TrustandLove: Restraint: Only For Her
link Jeremy's memories for Elena? laurik2007: He actually cares
link Elena from the car crash and the mysterious stranger? DaniKatZ: "I'm here for you"
link the car on the way to Georgia?Immortal_Kiss: Always safe with him
link at the bar? Pick in progress!
Round twelve - Best word(s) to describe Elena saving Damon from the vampire?

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