Damon & Elena Delena mashabiki Beggin' U HELP ME!!

dalenaLover posted on Dec 16, 2010 at 08:14PM
Hey everyone ,
Im new actually im not new fan but i've just joined this group and i ADORE delena theyre awesome adorable gorgeus their chemistry is the best one i've ever seen words are not enough to explain them!
So im a delena fan and i want them together so badly as i want i always check some news interviews etc. But there's always drama i dont know Which source or fan i should belive some of them says that delena Will happen Soon also Julie and keçin already admit it they Said they want to make it very slow cuz they wanna Show it really real and soo EPIC and it probably Will end of this season or season 3 on the other hand some of them Says even hear it is ridicilous they saying they just cant belive How we could think a possibilty like that elena Loves stefan and they'll live together happily ever after also at series delena's strengh and passionful relationship always going one step next and 100 step back again so im TOTALLY confused i dont know Which one i should belive? If i Wont be delena i must make myself to belive this -probably i cant and it'll make me cry- please tell me truth Dear delena FANS Thanks for your helps :)

Damon & Elena 2 majibu

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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita DaniKatZ said…
It's a hrad question, because nobody really knows the answer to. But all I can say is that it is meant to be a love'triangle' which means that they probably will happen at one stage in the series.. of course they are going to take Delena slow, because they have so much build-up needed, you can't just jump into a relationship with someone when there are issues, and if you've watched season 2, there are many issues.

I have NO clue if Damon & Elena will be endgame, although I am confident they will. If you are really deticated to The Vampire Diaries then you'll just have to find out for yourself.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita dalenaLover said…
Youre right all i think about is interviews i mean Which one is Real and Which one is fake i've watched all aired episodes of season 2 and i know this issues but aldı i belive they have an undeniable chemistry also rose Said sth like that at 2x12 's promo i mean 'Its ok to love them both' so i have ideas and i can feel their chemistry on my own but all i asked is Which interview i should belive cuz magazine sites are so confusing one of them Says kevin said sth and the other says No he didnt actually he Said sth against to other so spoilers are always cheating , do we have a real way to hear sth Which they really Said and if its what dıd said about delena?