Damon & Elena Things Damon&Elena have in common

INLOVEWITHDAMON posted on Mar 20, 2011 at 02:54AM
I always see comments by other shippers claiming that DE have nothing in common. I disagree and I'm sure most of you do too. So let's name some of the things that come to mind =)
They're both fearless when it comes to the people they love and would do anything to save them.
Elena, with only her human strength, entered a house full of angry and vengeful vampires to save the man that she loves.
Damon, spent 145 years looking for a way to get Katherine out of that tomb. Not even going to mention how many times he put himself at risk to make sure Elena wasn't hurt.

They both saw something other than monsters in people they love(d)
We have something...an understanding
It's an ambiguous statement but it always reminds me of how Elena chose to be with Stefan and see past the fact that he's a vampire and Damon fell in love with Katherine all the while knowing who she really was as well.

Damon & Elena No majibu