Damon & Elena wewe know you're a TVD/Delena shabiki when....

laurik2007 posted on Mar 29, 2011 at 12:43AM
I stole this from the Huddy spot because it's so much fun and I want one here on my otp's pageღ

I know EVERYBODY has some kinda input for this, so let's hear it!

I'll start:

-When your room is full of TVD/Damon/Ian posters.
-When you stay each week till 4 am to watch a new tvd episode on live stream.
-When your facebook profile has pics and quotes of DE.
-When you use mostly DE icons/quotes on your fanpop profile.
- When you know by memory Damon's "I love you"!
-When you can't stop laughing all day because the Dance Scene aired and you are mesmerized by it!
-When your Pc's wallpaper is tvd related.
-When you made two of your best friends watch tvd and you are so proud that both are DE shippers!
-When you've had DE dreams.
-When you watch all the time fanvids on youtube.
When you cry at Damon's "I love you"

Please tell me you share my insanity lol...Your turn:
 [i]I aliiba this from the Huddy spot because it's so much fun and I want one here on my otp's pageღ[
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Damon & Elena 4 majibu

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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita darkdoll59 said…
When all you ever talk about with your Friends who watch TVD is Damon and Elena and how awesome they are.
when you make your mother watch TVD and she too becomes obsessed with TVD and Delena.
when your friends don't let you talk about TVD because all you ever talk about it DE.
when you print DE stills.

I am just as obsessed as you are.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Marie218 said…
When your uncle starts to make fun of you because all you can talk about is TVD.

When your friends say "Let me guess...Vampire Diaries?"

When you start listing to a new type of music because you watch the show.

When everytime you see something Vampire Diaries you squeal and say you have to have it!

When you get all happy when you bought something TVD.

When you daydream about TVD in school.

Yup im a TVD/Delena fan fo sure!!

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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita laurik2007 said…
big smile
-When the finale of season 2 aired just a day ago and You've watched the DE kiss 4235346356 times

-When you are so proud for shipping a couple like DE

-When I've had to wait 2 season, 44 episodes, 1804 minutes for Elena to kiss Damon
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita HaleyDewit said…
When all day long you're stuck with 'All I need' because that's when they dance.

When you can't sleep 'cause of the excitement that is The Vampire Diaries.

When you get up at 8 am to continue watching.

When at work (or whatever location) you can only think about Delena and how fast you want to hit the next episode.

When you cried at nearly every episode of season 2.

When you watched season 1 & 2 in one week.

When you watch the dance scene in Miss Mystic Falls at least twice a day.

When you're willing to have soar feet if that means you can get TVD related stuff.

When you walk around smiling because you're thinking about Delena.

When you're convinving you're environment to watch it.

When you're 21 and you're squeaking or crying like a two year old at every romantic/heartbreaking Delena scene.