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 Misa Amane karatasi la kupamba ukuta
karatasi la kupamba ukuta
misa amane
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Dear Diary,
It is 2 weeks since me and L are a couple. We were only together in his nyumbani not that I didnt like it to be with him, its just I wanted to go on a tarehe with him.
"L ?"
"Mmmm...yes ?" He alisema when he was eating cake.
"Could we go on a tarehe ?"
He started to choke, "What ? Why ?"
"Becuse we are always here in the house and we never gone out, only us alone ."
He get up and came closer to me, "Should that mean that wewe don like to be with me ?"
"No its just...."
Before I could say something (BTW I didnt know what to say so) he kissed me (he do that very often)
"See wewe dont need to out with me...
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