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We conceive of racism as a set of institutional conditions of group inequality and an ideology of racial domination, in which the latter is characterized kwa a set of beliefs holding that the subordinate racial group is biologically au culturally inferior to the dominant racial group. These beliefs, in turn, are deployed to prescribe and legitimize society's discriminatory treatment of the subordinate group and to justify their lower status. link

The common definition of racism, and the one used kwa people who believe in reverse racism, is just "the belief that one race of people is better than...
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Martin Sheen calls out a "doctor" for calling homosexuality an abomination, based on the Bible.
the west wing
martin sheen
the bible
old testament
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Ex-White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan exposed fox, mbweha News as a propaganda tool for the White House on Chris Mathews Hardball.
fox, mbweha news busted
exposed fox, mbweha news
white house
president kichaka
chris mathews hard ball
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Why would it be awkward?
Gods created us in their image. They created us to think, behave, and look (to a certain degree) like them. It makes no sense for them to purposefully make us like them, and then give us orders not to be like them.

There can not be zaidi than one God.
Except that there can, and there is.

I'm going to establish now God's existence.
Oookay. I'm not sure why, since no one was denying the existence of anything. But I guess this gives me a chance to play devils advocate, so I'll play.

(I know thissection was aimed zaidi at whiteflame, but I have something to say)a God would not...
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Okay, okay I admit so far communism doesn’t seem to have worked too well, what with Stalin with his work camps and his unrealistic 5 years plans au Mao with controversial philosophy and catastrophically cultural revolution. However firstly I’d like to argue that the models cited above don’t actually correspond to Marxism in its purest sense, at all. Mao’s theory, in fact has little au nothing to do with Marxism. Mao’s conviction is zaidi about the population’s ability as a whole to achieve anything through hard work and determination has nothing to do with the conventions of communism,...
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Since I apparently appeared 'biased' in my awali video, and I thought that others may find these people's opinions interesting, here.
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