I upendo Demi for so many reasons and I am confident to tell wewe why I upendo Demi because she is so thoughtful she is incredibly beautiful she has the best smile in the world I would upendo her smile she is incredibly and powerfully confident she is amazing she is the best singer I've ever heard she is my inayopendelewa nyota she encouraged me to sing and to have a dream to be a singer she is a successful popstar she has an amazing life going on I upendo how she talks and sings about her upendo life and I know that I would definitely write a song about my upendo life just like Demi she once alisema that if I'm feeling stressed she alisema to put on one of her songs and it will make me feel better and I have done that and it made me feel better then better a lot better she has an amazing amazing voice and I would die for that same voice I like to sing all of her songs like Stone Cold,Confident,Skyscraper,Confident,Neon Lights,Don't Forget,La La Land,Heart Attack,Give Your moyo A Break,and LOTS more. Demi is the best singer in the world and I would do anything for her she is incredibly funny and I upendo her and I would upendo to meet her in person au in tamasha I upendo Demi so much😍😍😍