Demi Lovato Your favourite episode SWAC ? (Season 1)

Pick one:
"Sketchy Beginnings"
"West Coast Story"
"Sonny at The Falls"
"You've Got shabiki Mail"
"Cheater Girls"
"Three's Not Company"
"Poll'd Apart"
"Fast Friends"
"Sonny With a Chance of Dating"
"Sonny and the Studio Brat"
"Promises, Prom-misses"
"The Heartbreak Kids"
"Battle of the Networks' Stars"
"Tales From the heshima House"
"Sonny in the jikoni with Dinner"
"Guess Who's Coming to Guest Star"
"Hart to Hart"
"Sonny in the Middle"
"Cookie Monsters"
"Sonny: So Far"
 vera_love posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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