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I marveled
At his peaceful innocence
As he laying motionless,
Not acknowledging my presence.

Surely a creature so beautiful
Was loved kwa someone.

I became distraught
Over the death of this stranger.
My stomach turned,
My eyes blurred,
My cheeks became wet.

Should I stay au should I go?
My moyo beat out prayers
In code.

I knew the answer
Before the words formed,
I was ordained to become
His last friend.

His fur, manyoya matted with blood.
His head facing backwards,
I pushed his stiff body
Into the dirt gutter,
In hopes
He would be missed and found.
But he wasn’t.

Everyday I passed his open grave,
I watched as he became one
With the earth again.

His bloated body,
Filled the air
With his pungent scent.
A feeding ground for
Flies and maggots.

His flesh eaten
kwa his brothers,
Marafiki and enemies
During the night.
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Have wewe ever walked outside?
Have wewe ever heard a mbwa mwitu cry?
The sky is dark and cold,
Beneath the stars a starving pup,
No one near for him hold.

The cry of the mbwa mwitu is meant to be heard,
His spirit all around this beautiful world.

Howling in the night,
Needing his mother kwa his side.

This little mbwa mwitu gets up wandering around,
Looking for his mother only not to be found.

The howling gets louder but no one comes,
For this little one has no place left to run.

The little mbwa mwitu cries with no where to hide,
He runs and runs without his mother kwa his side.

Closer and closer now they are here,
Oh, what are the chances...
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i made this video!
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I threw my head up
and howl real loud,
for this i know,
is a beautiful sound.

I howl for joy
I howl for rain
I howl for you
my sorrows and pain.

each siku man comes,
with a gun in his hand
then i know
his awful plan.

he plans to shoot
at a friend in our clan,
our fur, manyoya is what
this human demands.

this is not fair,
we do not hunt him
he cannot do this
not to a mbwa mwitu clan.

we like to run free,
feel the wind in our mane,
run through the cool and innocent
summer rain.

if he carries out his plan.
shoots one of my friends,
for my poor poor friend,
that is the very end.

can't man see,
we mean no harm
we only want,
our body free of scars,
pain and sorrow,
leave us be,
we don't hurt you
why do wewe hurt me?