Desperate Housewives Which actresses would wewe like to see in Wisteria Lane?

MirkoST posted on Nov 13, 2009 at 12:19AM
I was thinking at the actresses would love to see playing a regular character or just a guest appearences...These are my choices:

1) Bette Middler: With her sense of humour and charisma and taking into acccount her hilarious work in "Stepford Wives". she could be an excellent addition to Wisteria Lane.

2) Goldie Hawn: Yeah some of you gonna tell me she's too old or looks kinda retired from show business, but she is so funny would love to see her in Wisteria Lane.

3) Joan Cusack: Briefly, amazing actress would like to see her in the show.

4) Amanda Bynes: Funny Amanda, loved her in What I Like about You, her clumsy characters could be a good match with Susan Mayer.

5) Aisha Tyler: Killed in Grandview, take her to Wisteria reasons? Miss Andrea in Ghost Whisperer, she could be a nice and interesting addition to the show..

6) Tiffany Thiessen: Loved her bitchy character in B. Hills 90210, why not having her playing the "bastard woman" in Wisteria Lane?

What about you? Which actresses would you like to see in Wisteria Lane?

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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita mrstewart said…
all of them from larry Stewart
from tacoma