Desperate Housewives Nice is Different Than Good

carolzhang posted on May 11, 2010 at 02:06AM
The episode begins where the previous season had left off. Susan, anxiously anticipating her soon-to-be commitment to Mike, comes to its full circle, talks to Julie about how Katherine feels, and then she is blissfully happy and walks down the aisle with Mike. Once they happily gallop out of the church, a hesitant Katherine stops them. "Did I miss anything?", she asks, in a very upset tone, trying to start a scene.
Eight weeks before the wedding: Mike is discussing with Katherine as to how sorry he is, before she pushes him away and tells him how she never could imagine them being old together. Mike, guilty about the situation, leaves as he cannot bear to see her in a very depressed way.
Susan and Mike are talking in the kitchen about how Susan should go over and tell Katherine that she is sorry for what had happened. Susan tells him that she does not wish to do so, as it could hurt their friendship, but Mike tells her that it's already over, for good. Susan goes to do the dishes, and Katherine, out on the front porch, glares at Susan and stares at her which makes Susan uncomfortable, and she goes away from the window.

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