Diary of a Blood-Sucking Vampire Club
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Chapter One
Witches and Wanyonya damu ______________________________________________________
It happened when I was fourteen--two years ago. It was my freshman year, but it felt like I had been here forever. I was waiting at the bus stop after having a terrible day. I wasn't exactly having what you'd call high school nirvana.
I had spilled strawberries on my new white jeans, and Korina made sure to point that out to anyone and everyone who would listen. So pretty much everyone.
Korina Douglas. The Wicked Witch of the West. Darth Vader. The White Witch. Ebenezer Scrooge. Rumpelstiltskin. Lord Voldemort....
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posted by bribee10
wewe can only make one vampire persona. then wewe can make ONE additional ndoto creature.(werewolf, unicorn,pegusus,centaur,ect.) Go to foramu and make your 2 characters, then start your Wanyonya damu diary(optional)post it under articles. then wewe can start role play, which will be under foramu under the name of the country we supposedly live in. im accepting suggestions for names. the winner will get the prize of their choice.My book will be under articles..other than my fanpop email, wewe can contact me at bribee10@yahoo.com but only for maswali about the club, plz.
if wewe break any of the rules, wewe WILL be punished.
club founder,Bribee10