Chapter 12: A Guy Like You

The city was burning to the ground all of Paris was lit up in flames and the sky filled with smoke "Sir we've looked everywhere and still no sign of the gypsy girl au Belle" alisema the soldier with the brown beard reporting to Frollo in the town square confused "I had the entire cathedral surrounded guards at every door there was no way she could have escaped unless" he thought gazing up at Notre Dame where Quasimodo was worried sick he hadn't seen Esmeralda in days and when news spread of Belle's disappearance he was in a panic now she had gone missing to the gargoyles were just worried about him as much them.
"Oh it doesn't look good" alisema Laverne "It's hopeless absolutely hopeless" replied Victor "Your telling me I'm loosing to a bird!" cried Hugo upset playing poker with a pigeon "Oh but that poor gypsy girl and Belle I'm beginning to feel the worst", I know" alisema Laverne pointing her finger at Victor "But now don't wewe say anything to upset Quasimodo he's worried enough already", "Yeah your fight we better lighten up" suggested Hugo "Shh shh here he comes" alisema Victor as Quasimodo came down the stairs after ringing the bells "Now just stay calm" alisema Laverne "Not a word", "Easy does it" replied Victor and Hugo as Quasi came closer to them "Stone faced", "Any sign of them" Victor just couldn't hold it in he burst into tears "Oh it's a Lost cause they could be anywhere in the stocks, in the dungeon, on the rack", "Nice work" alisema Laverne "No he's right what are going to do" asked Quasimodo "What are wewe guys talkin about if I know Esmerelda she and Belle are three step ahead of Frollo and well out of harms way" alisema Hugo "You really think so?", "Hey when things cool of they'll be back you'll see", "What makes wewe guys think they're together?", "Cause if I were in trouble that's who I would go to" alisema Laverne "But even if they are together what makes wewe so sure they'll come back?", "Because they like wewe we always alisema wewe were the cute one", "I thought I was the cute one" alisema Hugo stuffing his mouth full of cheese and mkate "No your the fat stupid one with the big mouth", "What are wewe saying exactly?", "Take it from us Quasi you've got nothing to worry about", "Yeah your iresitable", "Knight's in shinning armor certainly don't seem to be their type" alisema Victor "And those guys are a dime a dozen" alisema Hugo grabbing a mini hot dog and roasting it over the balcony "But wewe your one of a kind".

"But they both can't like me can?", "Sure they can Quasi just like wewe can like both like both of them why do wewe ask" alisema Laverne "Do wewe like a certain girl Quasi DO YA? DO YA?", "Well yes", "Alright alright which one if wewe don't mind me askin", "Well Belle", "Good choice she's such a smart and intelligent girl" alisema Victor "Yeah and her looks don't hurt either" alisema Hugo roasting another hot dog "Yes but that doesn't mean wewe should rule out Esmeralda either one of them is bound to like wewe back" alisema Laverne "I'm not so sure about that" alisema Quasimodo "Well wewe should be because like I alisema kid your one of a kind" alisema Hugo as he began to sing " look Paris the city lovers is glowing this evening ah true that's because its on moto but still there's l'amour somewhere out there in the night one of their heart's is also alight and I know the guy they just might be burning for" blowing a moyo around Quasimodo "A guy like wewe they've never known, kid a guy like wewe a girl does not meet every siku you've got a look that's all your own, kid could there be two", "Like you? No way!" sang all three "Those other guy that they could dangle all look the same from ev'ry boring point of view you're a surprise from every angle Mon Dieu above one's gotta upendo a guy like you".
Victor took over "A guy like wewe gets extra credit because it's true you've got a certain some thing more", "You're aces, kid" interrupted Hugo "You see that face wewe don't forget it" alisema Laverne as they started giving Quasi a makeover"Want something new? That's you" alisema Hugo "For sure" sang all three as Quasi looked in the mirror at his new look making it crack "We all have gaped at some Adonis" sang Laverne "But then we crave a meal zaidi nourishing to chew" sang Victor as he threw chakula for from a basket"And since you've shaped like a croissant is" sang Hugo holding up the croissant "No swali of one's gotta upendo a guy like you!" all three sang together "Call me a hopeless romantic but Quasi, I feel it" sang Laverne lying on juu of the kinanda "One wants wewe so any moment they'll walk through that door" sang Victor as he played "For guy so swell" alisema Hugo "A guy like you" sang Victor and Laverne "With all wewe bring them a fool could tell It's why they fell for you-know-who wewe ring the bell" sang Hugo then all three sang again "They're all a second-stringer you're the kengele ringer! When they want oo-la-la Then they wants wewe la-la one will discover, guy you're one heckuva guy Who wouldn't upendo a guy like you?"Hugo finished off wewe got a lot the rest have not so one's gotta upendo a guy like you!"