It's been a while and people tend to change opinions after so long on many things. I however still love crossover though life hasn't made it easy to indulge in the hobby. It has changed some of my favorites in crossover though and I love lists so here is my current list of favorite crossover couples! This time around I'll try to slow down and actually say what I like about these couples. Also Honorable mentions to the millions of other couples I like... it pains me to choose.

{Number 14} Tip and Hiro

kwa rutchellen on tumblr

I love the idea of this two together, They're both really feisty but Tip has a sense of responsibility that Hiro sometimes ignores and hoho over her dead body is she going to let him get away with it. While at first he might not appreciate it he already is canonically willing to learn the value in someone who reminds him to be kind, responsible, and constantly improving. And to be fair she's pretty amazing too. She would love his inventions as much as she loves Oh's, especially test running them >:D the dynamic duo inherits the earth.

Theme song: Best thing (by Louis vivet ft. Gavrielle//optional: cavaro remix)

{Number 13} Marina and Eric

kwa MegaraRider

I saw a mep with them once and it portrayed them as a sailing couple and i actually think that could work. Eric seems pretty home at sea and being away from his duties for lengths of time. That part of him would make it easier for duty bound Marina to also go out and about like she clearly wants to. I can see him willing to go along with her dream to roam the seas and maybe a little compromise to being solely caught up in royal affairs. Eric's kingdom seems really chill and it wouldn't be life or death if they go out sailing.

Theme song: Young and Beautiful (by Lana del rey vs Cedric Gervais remix)

{Number 12} Anna and HIccup

kwa RouiaD

Nerds. clumsy nerds, maybe Anna's absolute lack of self awareness might break through to Hiccup who is so painfully aware. making them a sort of 'birds of a feather' type pair.

Theme song: Somewhere only we know (by Keane)

{Number 11} Zarina and Tadashi

kwa ME

I think their interactions would be fun, her verging on a mad scientist in her enthusiasm for alchemy and him being both encouraging towards her need to explore the limits of magic! and reining her back to reality with his sense of responsibility. She would probably take the same joy and pride in his creations since he wants them to benefit mankind. empathy and creation from both of them makes them a pretty sweet couple in my eyes.

Theme song: Gold (By Owl City)

{Number 10} Jane Porter and Bilbo

kwa ME

My explorer nerds!! adventuring and discovering the beauty in the world around them. Down to earth with their enthusiasm and practical sides. Doesn't hurt that their colors complement them. i mean i did a vidlet and man the autumn colors looked great together (made me wish i had better editing skills.) both are precious and I believe they can be precious together.

Theme song: Quiet (By Lights)

{Number 9} Toothiana and Nod

kwa Cheshire

And voila i still adore this Cheshire! original couple. Nod being interested in dedicated and happiness infectious Tooth still appeals to me. Learning the joys of loving what you do and being absolute sweethearts to each other. Nod is a really nice guy when he's not running from his responsibilities. I think he'd be respectful and genuinely interested in what Toothiana has to say while Toothiana might get absolutely enchanted by Nod. (but does he have nice teeth is the real question)

Theme song: Dream (By Tessa Violet)

{Number 8} Sarah Hawkins and Proteus

kwa ME

Is it so wrong to want Sarah to be happy? I certainly want her to be. and I wanted it to be with someone i knew would be a perfect gentleman and never break her heart. *_* Proteus my son I trust you with this remarkable woman. I know he would appreciate her hardworking ways and treat her right. She would appreciate someone who would be with her no matter the squalls.

Theme song: Shelter (By Porter Robinson & Madeon)

{Number 7} Tinkerbell and Hiccup

kwa ME

I still think they could bond over a love of inventing and creating. Tinkerbell might be the go- getter of the pair at first (she has the whole movie not really liking her tinkering mainly because it meant she couldn't go to the mainland but otherwise was fine with running out and inventing) but in time they would be roaming the earth discovering, inventing and believing in themselves <3

Theme song: Fool (By Lauren Aquilina)

{Number 6} Eris and Loki

kwa ME

mwahahaha. The havoc these two could wreak. gods of mischief and discord, just begging for the possibilities to be discovered, I also thing that while these two are similar it might be bittersweet to see them come to terms with the things Loki hides from. Eris might be blunt about him not constantly covering his mistakes with more mistakes, something she doesn't quite understand since all her chaos is done on purpose for the heck of it but she immediately recognizes a difference in Loki's mischief making. Some of it too is done for the heck of it (and boy don't they have fun on those days) but some has a different motive (ie trying to make his family proud in all the wrong ways), whether she is kind about it i doubt but you know interesting.

Theme song: Cynics and critics (By Icon for Hire)

{Number 5} Belle and Mukuro

kwa ME

The shallow strikes again! i JUST!!! NICE! I actually drew art!!! i just had to i..... no words, let them be pretty together and occasionally argue on the morals of helping fellow man even if they aren't your family.

Theme song: Je ne sais pas (By Azuro ft. Elly)

{Number 4} Padme and Break

kwa ME

No clue why but it came into my head one morning and just never left. I always wondered what kind of conversations they would have over politics and morals. Break is this really odd individual who is constantly questioning morality while being a touch attached to his own. I'd love to hear their conversations and I think he'd respect Padme as she takes so much responsibility for her own actions in a way he hadn't been able to in his past. She owns being the master of her destiny while also believing in a system that is obviously flawed without ignoring it's flaws. idk. just curious and never stopped being curious about it.

Theme song: Bloodstream (Stateless)

{Number 3} Rapunzel and Jack Frost

kwa Cheshire

Hahahaha! The first in my history of crossover shipping. I said it before but my entire interest in crossover was sparked while searching for an anime video on youtube only for some odd reason to be suggested a Jackunzel video and one click later I was hooked and curious to the possibilities of "crossover" Being my first one I've always had a soft spot for it. moon/sun dynamic with two people struggling with their self worth (one via relentless put-downs from her "mother" the other from an existence who the humans deny) both balls of energy and they share a tenderness for others.

Theme song: When the day met the night (by Panic! at the disco)

{Number 2} Aurora and Jim

kwa ME

I feel a touch shallow on why I like this couple. so much has to do with the princess and commoner aspect which i really like. I mean i just couldn't stop with the fluffy pictures of being able to have the best of both a really fancy setting and earthy setting and Aurora happens to work in both. In her little cottage or a castle. I really like how Aurora maybe could be the calm to Jim's storm, both are dreamers, and loyal to family but in totally different ways. Aurora has a small dream, chasing it in a wistful way and treating it as such, like a dream. Jim has so much passion inside him and with nowhere to go that it's only when the opportunity comes to him that he can channel that energy and sorely looks for encouragement to go there. She has a touch more sense and faith in adults (setting her Philip date with her three chaperones.) while Jim has more problems with authority but still is a great listener and hard worker (all them pots were polished to perfection) and they both care for the guardians in their life.

Theme song: First date/last night (Dogfight OST)

Elsa and Loki}

kwa ME

This couple is an especially odd one for me to reconcile with. It was soon after I discovered Afragilestar's channel on youtube and completely became obsessed with LA/A but was also aware how niche that type of shipping was. So starting out I tried looking around for ships with Loki in it (him being one of my favorite characters) since I like to combine my interests a lot. I found a lot of different LA/LA au and crossover ships that were interesting and a lot of fun. But when Frozen came out and everyone was on the JELSA train my first thought was this. Loki & Elsa

Even though my opinion on Elsa has waned I still didn't really regret the choice to ship her with Loki because I thought that

A) since crossover shipping relies on au where the two met I always thought that it would be interesting if these two characters who are outcasts within their family would find comfort in each other. If they'd met as children Elsa would never have been able to hurt him due to him being a frost giant and A-OK with the cold. Loki might warm up to Elsa due to probably studying magic with her, their confidence in themselves growing around being with similar people. It also may not be the most healthy thing in a couple but there's also a way they run from their problems, Loki being a more HAHA I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE CONSEQUENCES (but i really do care though) Elsa really needing to learn her priorities due to being fear epitomised. She fakes confidence when Loki could give her pointers on how to do this better (rise my villain couple). Due to little screentime and defining points beside fear on Elsa's part, and a lack of exploration or validation from outside parties on Loki's part, it's fun to threorize what dynamic would arise if merely the presence of someone would change or enhance certain traits within them

b) on a shallow note I think it's cute and their colors complement :P ice related issues

theme song: Clarity (by Zedd w/o the foxes)

I think the whole point of shipping is a weird concept because some people demand an overanalyzing explanation when a simple one should be ok too, and scorning trivial reasons for shipping something when most of the point of shipping is to have fun.
Of course there are tropes more of us gravitate to/find appealing and some couples have OBVIOUS reasons why A and B wouldn't work together and for every right to ship there's a right to just not see the appeal.
But I think it's ok if someone just looks at a couple and thinks "cute" and that's it. I've seen so many creative couples in the crossover community and flat out amazing work. I love seeing what crosses people's minds and I just wanted to share some things that crossed mine.

So thank you for letting me subject you to some horrible edits i made if you read till the end.

Would love to hear some of your favorite crossover couples and Happy Valentines!