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 Creepy Snow and Beast
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Well... this is kinda the sequel of another image made kwa me with the beast that follow Snow White in the forest... poor Snow! I know, it's really creepy, sorry XP
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It's Night, and Basil of Baker Street, Dawson, Kitty Katswell and Dudley puppy are quiet.
But suddenly ...
The light went:
Basil: Hey, are wewe afraid, innocent damsel? >8D
Kitty: No, i'm Not Fear, and three things, first thing, do wewe not make jokes, sekunde thing, do not laugh and the third and last thing, do wewe not do crazy faces, Mr. Basil! >8(
There appears a strange and loud noise
Basil:What was that?
Kitty: I don't know, Mr. Basil, but it may be that it is an ambush.
Basil: Ambush, well, then, if it is something that is grateful for bad intentions, I will lie down with...
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(Finally, part three)

Kayley's p.o.v

Hi, it's me Kayley. When mom alisema to flee I at first didn't want to but Balto told me we had to, so we took off. He ran faster than I thought he could run as we fled I thought of the time I was younger and father was still around. Balto stopped, I asked "why did wewe stop?" He didn't reply but he was looking behind us, Ruber' s minions were chasing us. Balto looked at me and replied "we need to go in the Forbidden Forest." I nodded and the two of us went into the woods, the pursuers were close behind. I kept looking behind but Balto barked loudly and we tripped over a branch sticking out. I hit the water first, then Balto fell and he landed on me.
I alisema "get off me." He replied "okay okay." He got off and looked around.
 Soaking wet
Soaking wet
posted by auroraxaurelia
 Destiny looked at her mother with pleading eyes while Jim still looked concerned.
Destiny looked at her mother with pleading eyes while Jim still looked concerned.
Winxclubgirl202 asked me to write part to of her fanfiction. So here it is.

Destiny was in her room packing her bag. Her father was leaving today on an expedition and he promised when she was old enough she could go with him.

She had always dreamed of sailing of into the sunset on an adventure and now was her chance. She could almost taste the adventures that awaited her. She quickly packed some close, a few books, and momentous of home. She was about to change her close when a knock came at the door.

"Come in." She alisema as she place an extra pair of shoes in her bag. In walked her mother,...
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Ariel’s life was currently in Hell. She thought she knew the consequences of her agreement with the witch; she thought that if anything went wrong, only she would be hurt…she was wrong. Dead wrong.
    Everything was going perfectly; she was human (at the cost of her voice, however), she was with her prince, and they were only one kiss away from being together forever. But then She had shown up and stolen the moyo of the prince, Eric, away from her. Ariel’s animal Marafiki had tried to delay Her wedding to the prince, and tried to recover the Mer’s voice, but in the...
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That night Aurora decided to sleep in the cottage to make sure that she didn't got nightmares that night, but she was wrong

She had never had such horrible nightmares as she had this night and the worst about them was that Snow White appeared in all of them

The inayofuata morning she felt so tired after the night, but she was scared of falling asleep because if she did she would get those nightmares again:
"I would rather die than living with those nightmares, but maybe the nightmares tells me to save Snow White, oh no, I have to get back to the castle, no it's better to stay here because I feel more...
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posted by PrincessBelle2
Seti did calm down eventually, but he still couldn’t quite bring himself to accept Ariel as his son’s chosen bride. Not that it mattered in the slightest, for there was nothing that he could say au do that could prevent their union. Queen Tuya had enough blessing for the both of them and Moses declared that he would be “tickled” to have Ariel as a sister.

The siku of the wedding arrived and Ariel found herself dressed in the finest silk in all of Egypt for the occasion. Queen Tuya declared that there was surely no goddess in all of Egypt that could match her beauty that day. Moses was...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
So it's finally tomorrow well, today and I'm heading out to the town. Not because I'm supposed to be making an appearance au anything, I just want to see some old friends. "James!" Ohhhhh great. "Hey Ella." I say to my little blond friend. "For the last time, my name is ELLIE! Not Ella! Not El! ELLIE!" Hehe. I just upendo teasing her. Ellie's only a couple years younger than me. She's probably like, thirteen au fourteen years old. I've Lost count a long, long time ago. "What are wewe doing here? Aren't wewe supposed to be in the palace?" Ellie has been my best friend since I can't be close with...
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